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    you wouldn't be saying that if you'd seen me messing about getting them in there in the first place! :)

    I'd definitely be sanding down the dividers before I attempted to adjust the slots themselves.

    bit of sandpaper stuck to a thinner bit of wood rubbed in the groove.

    You have to gently file away a section from the tang of the knife where it interacts with the lock face. Not enough and it wouldn't slip free like a slipjoint and too much it'll just flop free. I belive this is the process used.

    That's the one. A very delicate balance.

    Of course everything starts with a drawing but printing and cutting out or gluing onto steel got old real quick when trying to repeat work , a fixed template , Dyekem and a scribe saves a whole load more time.

    Guessing you missed that it's for sheaths - dykem on leather could be interesting! 😜

    I have had mine sucking all sorts for a couple of years now, ill admit im noyt the most cautious with moving piles of dust yet the only thing to set mine on fire was titanium.

    Which promtly lit all the remaining titanium powder scattered all over. I was surrounded by a large white flash and a poof. Fortunately it was just a flash and the only thing still on fire was the plastic drivewheel on my clarke 1x30 grinder.

    Bearing in mind my extraction system is full of oil vapour, paint ,sawdust ,grinding fumes, bodyfiller u name it lol......

    Grinding titanium scares the bejesus out of me! I was told some years back that when a Ti fire starts its very very hard to extinguish. I could well believe it.

    I'm now sure to take extra care of other stuff around when grinding it and cleaning up after. Still freaks me though (I'm doing the liners for my kiri kith out of it which was the first time in ages using it)

    No, it wouldn't achieve anything and reduces the function.

    If you undo the little bolt then the kydex can be removed; the idea is that you can give it a good wash out (get rid of any blood/grit etc.) without affecting the leather at all.


    Is that the bolt located under one of the straps?

    Crack on! 😎

    Looks great!

    I was thinking more like a overcoat Stitched around the edge of the kydex.

    That's what I always assumed Martin had done - do you know which he does/did?

    I seem to recall the leather he uses isn't veg tan though. Possibly half tan?

    As I'm on my laptop for the moment I thought I would update the list.

    Look right?

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    A KITH is a great opportunity to try something new so yeah, go for it! 😎

    I would suggest talking to a number of leather suppliers (ie tandy, le prevo, etc) and get a bit of a consensus. I am loath to recommend the stuff I use just because I don't have enough knowledge of other treatments to know if they're better and wouldn't want to ruin those knives!

    I've had an old metal lathe (small myford type) sat on my workbench for a few years. I want to strip it right down and repaint it then sort a motor. Such a low priority job that I keep putting it back but I really want a lathe!