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    Been having a spyderco itch of late but can't decide for the life of me what to scratch it with .....Iv narrowed it down to 3 ,all different but all have something that appeal to me

    The K390 police 4 the steel ,handle shape and spydies back lock --But wish it was saber ground

    The chinok 4 ,Always wanted a MK design and really want to try the new "Power lock" back lock ,would prefer it to be saber ground but can live with --- but would just like to see it with a different steel 3 or 4 v would be great or even M4

    The awesome looking Tigh stick can now be found at bargain prices ,Has a lovely piece of s90v for a blade and I love the overall look of the knife --- but have added and removed it from the "basket" a couple of times now for reasons I can't put my finger on

    Ramble over just thought I'd share ^^:thumbup:

    In the boot collection I have Scarpa's,Altbergs,Lowa,basher,wolverine,redwing ,Ecco and Grenson

    Absolutely Love my Altbergs (think I'm on pair number 3) and are my favourite make of boots I own ...Have always gone with the aqua sneaker's as none waterproof boots are just not an option for me here ,used on every trip up the becons and any other field work for a very long time ,there (for me) a great compromise between support/toughness/grip and comfort and would recommend them to anybody and do !!

    As My everyday boot I prefer the Ecco's ....there not as tough and don't have the grip of the Altbergs (don't inspire the confidence) but are lighter and more comfortable for day to day use while still being a proper working/walking boot and waterproof ,though I never get more than about 15 months of use before the sole is gone and the boot needs replacing

    Wolverines are great but have gone down hill over the years and sizing's are a nightmare plus trying to find a waterproof pair is impossible .... The boots themselves are Dam near indestrucble with hardest wearing sole's I found

    Never got on with Scarpa's ,I have hobbit feet (I'm 5.6 with size 11 G wide fitting) and Scarpa's are built so solid with no give and in a more narrow fitting platform that do play well with me, also like the wolverines they are immensely heavy ....Iv done weeks in both the Altbergs and the Eccos with no problems the Scarpa's on the other hand I cant wait to get them off after a day purely down to the sheer weight of them more than the narrowness

    Had two pair's of Doc's (uk made and import) over the years and never been a fan allways a let down ...bought them for when I was playing with the band because of the comfort factor everybody talked about and needed a more smart/dress boot ...never found them that comfy and made my feet sweat something chronic and now only use Grenson when in need of a smart comfy dress boot

    Altberges rule in my book for everything ,the fact that there British made is a real icing on the cake for me too .... Eccos rule for sheer comfort 8):thumbup:

    Iv been both sides of the fence as a knife buyer Iv been caught by people when paying deposits and knives never appearing [the successful transactions far far outway the poor ones]

    And as maker in a totally different craft had people fail to keep up there end of the deal..... and now won't lift a finger without a 50% deposit

    It's a difficult call and the risk of the internet .....there is different circumstances ......If it's a standard pattern that the maker regularly makes and sells ,I wouldn't expect to pay a deposit or a small amount 10-15% would be acceptable ....If it's a custom commission that is particular/bespoke to myself then I'd expect to pay a bigger deposit. like 50%

    There has to be a bit of respect and trust from both sides and if your not feeling that after doing your research on him and his product ,don't do it ....Maybe find a maker doing something closer to what your after where he wouldn't need such a deposit