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    This'll be the last from me for a while as I've got to get stuck in to some medieval/Saxon stuff, axes, helmets and possibly a few seax's. Anyway, this is 1095 with hamon, sambar and brass with a very secure flapped sheath. The blade is approx 105, the handle is 110. It feels just like a Buck 110 in the hand and should make a good worker. The faults, there's always faults with my stuff, are the pommel rivets are visible and the blade polish ain't what it could be, but I got to the stage of chasing tiny marks and other odds and sods and thought, "that's it, no more!"

    It'll make a good solid worker for someone just as is!

    I've been using z-poxy for years without a problem. Don't use the five minute, you'd be surprised just how fast five minutes are when you're wrestling with sticky scales!

    I haven't seen that vid before, thanks for that! I've recently acquired two 110's to replace my last one that "disappeared", it's my general utility - deer and game dressing - fishing and butchery knife that I've used for more years than I care to remember! Wouldn't be without my 110!

    I recently put up a "wanted" ad for a 110, and was advised that a guy on Facebook had a couple for sale (thanks, James!) it seemed a pity to split them up, so I bought both!

    They arrived this morning, absolutely perfect, one made in 2015, the other 2016. I doubt that they've ever cut anything, original factory edge, sharp as a sharp thing, etc.

    Overall, I'm a very happy grumpy old git today!

    "No worries, I'll drop it back in the morning!" Does that short phrase send a chill through anybody else? That was the last I saw of my buck 110! I'd been helping a mate dress out a pile of deer and assorted other game and we got to the "sod it, I'll finish the rest in the morning," stage. As my buck was the only knife with an edge that actually worked, I left it with him to use in the morning. (I know, I know...)

    Anyway, after a period of thinking that I could use something else and still finding myself reaching for it without even thinking about it, I need another one. I was just about to pull the trigger at knives and tools when I thought it worth a try on here, you never know!

    So, got one you need to move on? Got one that needs a refurb? Give me a shout, please!

    That's it, you're lost! There's no known cure and all you can look forward to now is building forges and burners when you should really be making stuff to pay the bills. Your days, and nights, will be filled with research into whether propane of solid fuel is best, how best to remove hammer scale, should you remove hammer scale, etc, etc...

    Welcome to the dark side...

    That blower is far too ferocious, try a two speed hair dryer on low, that should do it. Fuelwise, try to find an old fashioned coal merchant and ask him about forge beans. The stuff has several names but basically it's small, uniform, pieces of coal that is better quality than the garage stuff and far more controllable. With less air you'll burn less coal. Don't forget to only turn the air on when there's something in the forge heating up!

    Those are the same ones that I had a play with. They certainly work, but you need to be very careful with the grit wheel at high speed as it tends to be quite hard and liable to take lumps out of your blade. Lots and lots (and lots) of practice should cure that! The buffing or honing wheel works very well.

    Personally I prefer freehand on my nagira stones...