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    Simple really, if a knife, or any tool really, doesn’t feel right in use, probably for reasons you can’t even name, it’ll never be “right” no matter how much you paid for it. It doesn’t matter how much you spent on the item, if it doesn’t have the right feel it’ll never be any good.

    I've been playing around with a few cheapies recently looking for "the perfect pocket knife!" Needless to say, I ain't found it with these! I'd prefer if these went as a bundle just to keep postage and packing to a minimum.

    1. Buck Stockman.

    2. Rough Rider Work Knife (The smaller offering with darkwood scales)

    3. Rough Rider Work Knife ( 110 sized blade, yellow scales)

    4. Rough Rider, can't remember which model! (Still boxed)

    They're all in excellent condition, the boxed one has only been opened for the picture, any obvious marks are down to my rubbish photography skills!

    £35.00 the lot, delivered.

    By offering to purchase these knives you are confirming that you are of legal age to do so.

    As I've now found my perfect working knife I have two Buck 110's that I've had stored for when my current working 110 goes missing! They're both in factory condition and come with the Cordura, I think, sheaths. I'll not go into the boring bit about size, length, materials, etc, as I'm sure you all know what a Buck 110 is!

    In my opinion the first one has the better case, but as I've never used a 110 in a case I really don't know which case is better in use. Heinnies have these for a little under £75.00, so how about £45.00 each delivered.

    By offering to buy either of these knives you are confirming that you are of legal age to purchase.

    I've finally found a working knife that suits my usage style! For years I've been using Buck 110's for dressing game etc, and they've done a great job but never felt right. Too much knife if that makes any sense! Anyway, I now have this:

    No, not a pair of them, a bit of Photoshop magic to show both blades! It's a Tidioute #48 Improved trapper and it does a great job. It's just like having a pair of scalpels in my pocket! Both blades are a perfect size for the stuff I do. So, having recently bought another pair of Buck 110's as a "just in case" measure, should anybody want a 110 in almost factory condition, I've got a pair that need a new home!

    Just to add, great service from Mike of Mikes Knives fame for exemplary service over the festive period!

    That’s the price on the Gp Knives site.

    I’m expecting to pay about that for something suitable from wherever I find it. It looks to be a good general user and it’s not easy to find something I want that’s not stainless!

    Greetings, all,

    I’m looking for something like the above with either the trapper layout, clip blade and wharncliffe, or just a simple wharncliffe. Carbon in preference to stainless and stag scales. I’ve found one at GP Knives at $132 and will probably risk ordering it if nothing is forthcoming.

    Is there anything else that would suit that you know of? Have I missed something?

    That’s proper engineering, precision pieces sliding or being driven by other precision pieces. Bugger all this CNC stuff!

    This'll be the last from me for a while as I've got to get stuck in to some medieval/Saxon stuff, axes, helmets and possibly a few seax's. Anyway, this is 1095 with hamon, sambar and brass with a very secure flapped sheath. The blade is approx 105, the handle is 110. It feels just like a Buck 110 in the hand and should make a good worker. The faults, there's always faults with my stuff, are the pommel rivets are visible and the blade polish ain't what it could be, but I got to the stage of chasing tiny marks and other odds and sods and thought, "that's it, no more!"

    It'll make a good solid worker for someone just as is!

    I've been using z-poxy for years without a problem. Don't use the five minute, you'd be surprised just how fast five minutes are when you're wrestling with sticky scales!

    I haven't seen that vid before, thanks for that! I've recently acquired two 110's to replace my last one that "disappeared", it's my general utility - deer and game dressing - fishing and butchery knife that I've used for more years than I care to remember! Wouldn't be without my 110!

    I recently put up a "wanted" ad for a 110, and was advised that a guy on Facebook had a couple for sale (thanks, James!) it seemed a pity to split them up, so I bought both!

    They arrived this morning, absolutely perfect, one made in 2015, the other 2016. I doubt that they've ever cut anything, original factory edge, sharp as a sharp thing, etc.

    Overall, I'm a very happy grumpy old git today!

    "No worries, I'll drop it back in the morning!" Does that short phrase send a chill through anybody else? That was the last I saw of my buck 110! I'd been helping a mate dress out a pile of deer and assorted other game and we got to the "sod it, I'll finish the rest in the morning," stage. As my buck was the only knife with an edge that actually worked, I left it with him to use in the morning. (I know, I know...)

    Anyway, after a period of thinking that I could use something else and still finding myself reaching for it without even thinking about it, I need another one. I was just about to pull the trigger at knives and tools when I thought it worth a try on here, you never know!

    So, got one you need to move on? Got one that needs a refurb? Give me a shout, please!