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Pocket clip on EDC or not



Just in case you miss these spectacular pics



Texas "Barking Spider" Beans


Stuart Ackerman




Lock back folder.



Kitchen knife blades prepped for laser marking


My Old Stiletto - ID help?



Pinned What knife are you looking at today?


Paul W

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    Hello friends, Haven't been on your forum for a long time, was making big order, so... Wanna show you some new knives. image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy Here is my dagger. Want to share with you my joy. I was working with steels M390 and…
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    There are dozens of companies (supposedly in the UK) that are selling fabulous cheap damascus knives and swords. Most are mass produced in Pakistan. If you want it for nothing more than wall art, and accept it for what it is, then fine. Their company…
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    Quote from Jimmypie: “(Hidden Content) ” You crack me up :rofl: where do you find them! On the subject of flippers: I must say that all the one handed fumbling on social media videos puts me right off and is really quite irritating. OK the blade deploys…
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    Liked DARJAC666’s post in the thread Pocket clip on EDC or not.

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    I've been carrying a PITS (no pocket clip option) in a leather slip to stop the lint & crap my pockets invariably accrue getting in everywhere...It's a PITA to remove & replace. However , once in the hand, it's ergonomically & aesthetically superior.…