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  • mameluke

    Replied to the thread Military issue, what next?.
    (Quote from Pezza)

    Your bayonet was made for the model 1866 Chassepot needle fire Rifle.
    The scabbard has certainly done a good job during its long life, the blade's in remarkable condition compared to the rest of it, that hilt will respond well to a…
  • mameluke

    Replied to the thread Hunting cutlass.
    I'd be happy to find it In my Christmas stocking. Very nice.
  • mameluke

    Liked Nicolas’s post in the thread Hunting cutlass.
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    It's finished!!!!
    The idea was to make a traditional hunting cutlass like the "Hirschfänger" in roccoco.
    But with some changes to make it more versatil, for example to clear branches.

    23cm blade from 6mm 1.2510, iron guard, pommel and ferrule
  • mameluke

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    Vintage P.Holmberg hunting knife, made in the Swedish city of Eskilstuna.
    Pontus Holmberg (1852 – 1893) started his factory in 1876 (Aktiebolaget Pontus Holmberg).
    When Pontus died in 1893, the company was first operated by Pontus’ brother Fritiof…
  • mameluke

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    Vintage Gebr.Gräfrath Fahrtenmesser (Scout knife) from the 1930's or begin '40's.
    The handle is made from Trolon, an early plastic that was also used on many Third Reich dress daggers, and which has the tendency to slowly become darker over the years.
  • mameluke

    (Quote from Iron Hoarder)

    It certainly is.