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  • kwakster

    This is the statement that Anne Reeve made on a while ago about the hardness change:

    "This is a moment where CRK has to take a humble "cap in hand" and apologize for a failure of communication between our technical side and our customer
  • kwakster

    Have you tried coloring your entire edge black with a waterproof marker to see where exactly you are removing steel ?

    CRK's are very well made knives with (since about mid 2013 ) excellently hardened S35VN steel, but from experience i can tell you that…
  • kwakster

    As the original edge of the knife was rather blunt i gave it a new one, after grinding the old apex flat on the Tormek by using a combination of Rubber Wheels coated with diamond grit to create the new bevels & various Paper Wheels with fine diamond…
  • kwakster

    Replied to the thread Vintage Puma Knives.
    Vintage Puma 3585 Försternicker made in 1983.
    This specific knife was part of a series of only 36 pcs which were manufactured for a French hunting store in Paris.
    Another highly successful design by German Head Forester Walter Frevert. (13 October 1897…
  • kwakster

    Replied to the thread Show your Paper Wheel edges.
    Another PM2 in S110V.
    The new edge was done on a Paper Wheel with 15 micron diamond compound, and then refined with 6.0 micron, 3.0 micron, and 1.0 micron diamond compound, all on dedicated Paper Wheels.
    The apex is keen enough to whittle several curls in…
  • kwakster

    Posted the thread Some TLC for a Tomcat.
    Some TLC for a vintage SOG Tomcat that is the treasured EDC knife of a friend of mine.
    The pin on which the lockbar pivots had been seriously deformed over the years due to which the backlock function was compromised.
    Also the glue under the Kraton grip…