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    Replied to the thread Hinderer slippie.
    I grabbed the sheepsfoot and the slicer in blue. They are very well made. Smooth to open. I found that when the sheepsfoot came I wanted to pierce a box for recycling but realised it wasn’t my UKPK.

    First impressions are that they are quite hefty in…
  • The Elusive Dr.X

    Replied to the thread Spyderco, Spyderco.........
    I managed to grab a Hap40 Meerkat from the bay in France a few weeks ago to go with the Meerkat collection (though missing a few).
    Other good news, “it” is released from Spyderco. The Sliverax, now how do I get one? I think they sold out in some of…
  • Hello,

    Looking for something new so if you have any of the following:

    Purple WE knives 615,
    Steel Will Cutjack large M390 any colour
    G&G Hawk TAD collaboration Dauntless! or if you know where to get one

    Thank you!