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June's photography competition is now open, please post your entry here :)
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Please dig deep for John56's generous charity auction of a Mr Doyle knife, in aid of Help for Heroes... see here to place your bid. Closes Saturday 17 June at 6pm.
  • Hello Darren, I recieved your note through my email and read it. I dont know where the conversation buttons are yet on the new site. have been looking but cant find them. This has not helped matters lately in regards to other communications. If you could please guide me to the conversation buttons it would be a great help. Sorry to trouble you like this really.

    Best Regards,
  • I've sent you a "private conversation " message.
  • Yes I do.
  • Hi do you still have your browning replica for sale?
  • Yes, I can. Please send me a private message. This area is public. Thank you.
  • Thank you for moving that error if you check that reply went on two posts?.
    Don't think it was my misstake.strange?
  • Hi bud as the boker trapper sold ?
  • hey mate, is the kara hawk still for sale?


  • Very generous offer re the EMpingo Darren, and if you are feeling on a roll, I will take the Fenman HE ;)
  • Hi Darren. Hope you have been well. Kit here, You bought the Andre Thorburn L36 Flipper from me a while back. Just wanted to ask, should you ever wish to move it on that you might consider giving me a heads up. Its one that I do regret letting go.

    Best regards

  • Only just seen this .
    My apologies & thanks for the offer Matt

  • Hey,

    Hope you enjoy the new place. I looked at it last time it was on the market! I'm only a few miles from you, do a bit of shooting in the area and attempt to make the odd knife. If you fancy an afternoon busting clays or punching holes drop me a line. Happy to help with making/heat treating too......

    On a more practical note - I have a mate who owns a removals company based just up the road from you in Dobwalls if you need that kind of thing.....good guy.

    All the very best,

  • did you have any luck with the stuff for that broken motorbike?
  • Yep, fraid so.
  • Not quite a case of leaving the US as such. In reality, I live in the UK, but have a vacation home in the US, which is why I can collect items that I couldn't over here. They won't let us live permanently over there, so at some point, I may have to give up all the fun stuff.........
    • Damn Maurice.....that bloody sucks mate !
      All those wonderful knives.
      How do they define live these days ?
    • 180 days of the year. They used to have a retirement visa, but have now done away with it. I can buy the house, 2 cars, pay insurance, have a driving licence, pay tax.........but not live there.
    • That's what I thought mate....Friends of mine retired to Florida 15 yrs ago...they're still there, but quite old !
      Jesus, that really sucks mate. Is there anything you can do ?
    • Nope. If I want to live there, I either marry someone or invest in, or create a business that will employ something like 10 locals. If I'm relocating my ass over there, I certainly don't intend to work.....
    • Agreed.
      I've read the conditions now in force for visa & green card...jesus, they really want their cake & eat it don't they !