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  • I've just added 1 + 1 and realised you are the very same essexman as who maketh the lanyard from Heinnie Haynes. Thanks for making such a good little item which has put up with over a year of constant carry.
    • Hi Paul, Yep that's me! Thanks for buying one of my goods, and thanks for the feed back. The neck lanyard is my biggest seller at HH.
      I sell a few items at HH, sometimes put goods up for sale here on EM, and I also do commissions, so feel free to contact me if you need anything paracord.
  • Hi Essexman could you make me one of your paracord dog leads ?, if possible in woodland camo and a total length of 3 1/2 foot
    many thanks Alan.
    • Sure I can do that for you Alan, I'm check my cord stock this evening and seen you a message with details.
  • Alright Mate I'm interested in your black lanyard if still available email me at
  • Pm'd
  • hello Mark, hope that you are all well
  • thanks for the heads up mark :)
  • Thanks for the tip about this site mate. Much appreciated!