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    Liked PaulW’s post in the thread BA Blades.
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    Just had a good encounter with these folk.

    They were able to ship an order to a preferred date, were attentive to after-sales service and have a good variety of otherwise un-obtainable items for purchase. Recommended.

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    I'm sure everyone knows about Leatherman and their outstanding warranty but I've had reason to use it recently so I thought I'd give them a shout out here.
    I had a wave and used it for 5 years before the Keyring thing fell off and the serrated blade…
  • Ant Mercer

    Replied to the thread Poshland.
    Yep! :)

    It's strange how Matt's experience with them totally differs with the feel I get from going through their (frankly amateurish) website: Hyperbolic descriptions, exaggerated titles for each of their pieces, apparently hugely-reduced prices from…
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    Replied to the thread Poshland.
    I don't fancy a lot of their products, but some of their plain-steel bowies look decent.

    I think I remember Matt Easton owning a few and reviewing them on Youtube...hang on...

    ... yep, here's one:

    Sure he had a couple…