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    (Quote from DanBow)

  • DanBow

    Evening ladies. Just heard the news about packrat from Jimmypie over on ig.

    Dont know what to say. Get well soon Bruce.

  • DanBow

    Replied to the thread Survival Knife WIP..
    Well if anything was going to get me back in the mood to make, this is it.

    Absolutely outstanding levels of craftsmanship. Well done.
  • DanBow

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    Getting side tracked is the way ahead...and also the reason why I'll never be able to make batches of the same knife.

    I've not had much time for the last few days, and what I have done has been painfully slow going.

    Grinding hardened steel is good in…
  • DanBow

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    That was only the blades that cleared the first hedge and dropped short in the ditch. Most of them go over both hedges.

    I'd love to watch someone metal detecting on that field.

    Tonight I got a few more bits and pieces done.

    Holes drilled and…
  • DanBow

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    I can't wait to get this finished.

    Anyway. Here's what I done tonight.

    Firstly, I decided that the plunge line needed to be brought back a bit. It has to start behind the sawteeth, or it would look weird.


    This was the first job.


    The next step…
  • DanBow

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    Thanks Jimmy.:thumbup:

    My wife assures me it's easy, but these things often result in me swearing at the screen, threatening to smash the computer into pieces and burning the remains with fire.

    Computers aren't really my thing. :cursing:

    Soon as this one is finished,…
  • DanBow

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    Got a bit more done today.

    First job was to grind the saw teeth so they dip down at the front. Without a few thou knocked off they won't work as a saw, but as a piece of steel with slots cut in it. The full flat grind is equally important, as it makes…
  • DanBow

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    Time will tell!

    Here's tonight's work.

    Guard marked out and shaped. No bandsaws here, hence the angle grinder cuts to ease the grinding.


    After a bit of work on the belt grinder, it's time for a dry fit. There's still work to do...the edges of the…
  • DanBow

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    I can still reach the bench, that's the main thing.

    Anyway...got the tang filed to shape, the guard slotted and fitted last night.


    Also started getting the guard marked up ready to be shaped and assembled the parts.


    It looks smaller than it…
  • DanBow

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    A few from tonight.

    Slotted the block for the tang. As you can see, it's 1" deep, allowing a few thou for facing it off once it's fitted in place.
    This will give me a 1 1/4" tang including the guard.

    Next step will be marking out the guard, and…
  • DanBow

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    Here's a few more to be getting on with...

    I've got no idea what the thread pitch is. I've not got the faintest idea how to cut threads with a lathe. I've been trying, but I've still not sussed it.
    To be honest, I don't really enjoy mill and lathe…
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    Thanks for taking the time to look.


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    Another one finished.





  • DanBow

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    If Ian wants a customer, he's got one 💕...or two or many more I'd suggest...:lol:

    I was 16 when the first Rambo film came out. All I remembered was the knife as a kid <3Much later the film became an inspirational lesson in human behaviour that we would all do…
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    You have been sent a private conversation that further discusses your conduct on EM & your previous "Private conversations " with me specifically. We don't delete accounts of paid members in subscription unless they have been…
  • DanBow

    Replied to the thread Secret Santa 2016 - Gift Thread.
    Well this is a blast from the past.

    BGC_Tom You go for it mate. :thumbsup: