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  • zuludog

    To remind you, I don't make blades, I buy them in and fit my own handles and shape them by hand

    For both full and narrow tang handles I tape the blades then clamp them in a 100mm vice fitted with soft jaws. As well as protecting the blade the soft jaws…
  • zuludog

    Find out if there are any secondhand tool dealers; surely there must be something in the Leeds area?

    If you're going to be buying a load of tools & equipment, try asking an independent shop if they will give you a bulk discount, though you'll probably…
  • zuludog

    Yes for protective equipment
    The only power tool I use is a bench top pillar drill, but I wear goggles. I wear them over my glasses, and I'm seriously thinking of getting some prescription safety glasses instead

    I do all my sanding & filing with by…
  • zuludog

    You've had advice on benches & worktops, and you might get more, but here is my comment -

    I have found that garden sheds usually have only a minimum type of floor, which means that it tends to 'give' or spring slightly as you walk around in it.
  • zuludog

    JAK 2

    I have sent you a PM, (called a conversation on this forum), but I haven't had a reply yet
    I wonder if you've seen it? You need to subscribe to do that, it's only £5 pa for the minimum level

    Well anyway, I have some spare wood for handles if…
  • That was me, I think, though I am flattered to be described as 'a well known maker' since this implies that I might actually be good at this!

    My Dad was a carpenter, and I used to do car repairs as a hobby, including bodywork repair, hence the black…
  • zuludog

    I've just read Camperman's post

    For my flat surface I use the glass oven door off an old cooker
  • zuludog

    I make knives at a simple level. I buy the blades then fit my own handles and do almost all the work by hand. Here are my suggestions -

    A strong , firm desk or bench
    A vice. 100mm engineers is as good as any, but there are so many variations. Get soft…
  • zuludog

    Replied to the thread Lilac wood.
    Well, I've searched Google for 'lilac wood' and it doesn't look too bad
    A reasonable grain, admittedly more pronounced in some samples, and occasional purplish - lilac? streaks. It's also supposed to be very hard
    The pictures show mostly spoons & pen…
  • zuludog

    Posted the thread Lilac wood.
    A friend has a lilac tree that has blown down in the recent bad weather

    Is it any good for a knife handle?