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    For what's is worth and regardless of any impending doom ,

    My view ....
    With any hobby It's good to have a clear out now and again , it clears the slate , puts cash in the pocket and opens your eyes to new products / makers / manufacturers , I've…
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    Hi Mafro,

    I'd love to if I could. They're not all in one place and there are quite a few, users, protos, collectors, knives we never made. etc. thousands probably?

  • Zoram

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    (Quote from Chui)

    I think it's a matter of training your local post office. I used to say 'cutlery' but now I just say what it is.
    This is my formula for success.
    - The first time you are going to use your local post office, block out an hour of your…
  • (Quote from DARJAC666)

    If vile pussum doesn't want to meet Darren for coffee and cake in Germany, he's welcome to pop over for lunch and a chat with me.
    I make a mean chicken and sweet corn hot and sour soup. :lol:
    Only choking, don't take it all personal. :thumbsup:

  • A possible - recreation of some of the tutorials from the defunct place, but with (new) photos hosted here. Better yet if it can be done by the original authors, but credit them if not. A lot is available through Wayback and Google cache. Prioritise…