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June's photography competition is now open, please post your entry here :)
Please vote now for May's photo competition winner!
Please dig deep for John56's generous charity auction of a Mr Doyle knife, in aid of Help for Heroes... see here to place your bid. Closes Saturday 17 June at 6pm.
  • Hi, noticed your request for 01 blades for HT practice on a recent thread. Didn't want to bust in but I've got a bunch of scrap "test" blades that I don't need and can give to you for free if you'll cover the postage. Not promising that they're ideal for the purpose but there should be some that are useful. Let me know if this would be of interest.
  • Great, is the condition still the same as in the picture ? Would you do 200 plus shipping to Germany ?
  • Ok, let me know.
  • Hi fluffy, is the shing titanium still available ?


  • Have you still got the Tactical wakizashi Gary?
  • if you go to gumtree,under motorcycle gloves,youll find a pic there mate.mike
  • Photos working now for Puukko
  • Hi Fluffy,

    Might you have any Dozier or Alan Wood blades left?


  • Kukris and karambits and blackhawks ....whats yah price big guy
  • Hello, I've heard you may have a spyderco k2 for sale? Kind regards, Stuart
  • How much are the cubanes please?
    Daft question as I know the answer will be "more than you have available"
  • A bud, a big white cat named chui mentioned I may be able to talk ya out of a serrata. If so, let me know, I'd love to take a look. Thank ya for your time, my friend
    • I have a full sized one with black micarta handle and a kydex sheath available £240
      also a stag handled pug with a whary blade edgematters.uk/thread/4277-flu…y/?postID=47022#post47022 for £150
    • Y'all are great, I'll take the full size one if your willing to part with it, I'm in line for Stuarts cf pug if the buyer falls through. I'm new to these forums so bare with me while I figure out how to settle up with ya and thanks again my friend.
      By the way, that's a hell of a collection you got there!
  • Fluffster,
    Did you manage to find the blade. I have a piece of musk ox longing for attachment..
    • So far I've found two bare blades but neither are the one pictured. It looks like a trip to the loft is in order...
  • Hi Gary,
    I realise you have probably been swamped with requests but as I cannot make the knife bonanza sale I would need the blade, should you find it, posted. If this is a pain, I could swing by one day next week..
    • No worries, I'll have time this weekend...patient list after xmas gets a bit mad...
  • Hi Gary, I'm having a bit of a scandi' phase at the moment and think I have room in my life for the wee stacked birch handle puuko in post 23 if I can find enough pennies ! :) I'm likely away camping on 23rd so won't be able to make it unfortunately, don't know if you would post it out instead or if that's not practicable given the volumes you're dealing with ?! Cheers, Paul
  • What's the stacked leather one?
  • Cheers Fluffy,
    Just let me know and will send payment.
  • HI Fluffy,
    Can I get the Bjarne Russmussen blade offa you.
  • Hey Gary. I'm not really into swords, but would like to have a look to see if any took my fancy. I mentioned it to Mark and he would be interested in any officers/army type swords, but It would depend on the price as he's just bought a house :)
    • No worries, no rush. The hanwei is with packrat - on holiday :) - and the swords are always about. My last British Military I sent off to Zackerty a few weeks ago.
    • Ok :) Will let you know when we're next in the area.
  • It's yours :) Will let you know when i can drop it over :)

    Unless you're coming anywhere near Larkfield :)

    Thank you.
  • hello fluffy
  • Hi Fluffy,
    Hope all is well.
    I am hoping to swing by on Saturday with a small box of goodies.
    When you say you have a dog free zone does that I cannot bring my own dog. I was going to bring him along (friendly Bulldog), but wouldn't leave him in the car. Otherwise he can stay at home..
    Hopefully see you soon,

  • Hello Fluffy!