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  • Tigertim -

    Replied via conversation. T

  • ATBK -

    Yes please. I will have it. If you provide email I will paypal.

  • Tigertim -

    Replied via conversation. T

  • morris -

    Hi, I'm interested in your fixed blade striders. Would you trade for a mini Emerson commander, mint blade, box and handle, with some up/down blade play. I'm not used to communicating/buying on this forum but am regular on BB forum. Is this where you communicate/deal or am I doing it wrong!

  • Candoonepressup -

    Just sold my first item to tigertim.
    Very prompt payment and very polite.
    I'd have no hesitation to do any business with him in the future. Great guy

  • Tigertim -

    Paul, please reply via 'conversation'. Regards. T

  • Hatter -

    Hi Tim
    I would like to buy your S works.
    Let me know your payment details.

  • Hatter -

    Hi mate
    I'm interested in your S Works
    Just a few questions
    Price ?
    Handle material?
    Type of steel?
    Has it got a sheath?
    my email address.

  • Tigertim -

    Sent PM.

  • kenj -

    Prices on your axe and knife please.

  • wes48 -

    Hi Tiger, All four series of Longmire on my External drive, if you want them will stick them on my spare memory stick and post them too you, you can copy onto your computer and post mem stick back to me. Have you seen Banshee, have that as well.

  • Tigertim -

    Pm'd you, Waz.

  • wes48 -

    Hi Tigger, Where are you, may be interested in graphic novels

  • caldy -

    hi is the zombie tools still for sale ?

  • Tigertim -

    Jim, replied via 'conversation' !

  • trojan -

    Hi Tim hope you are keeping well? Have you still got the Winkler Axe? What's that Kraken handkerchief got on the back of it? I was looking out for the drop of new stuff on the website tonight but it never came?! I fancy one of those.

  • Smeags13 -

    Hi is the kukri available

    • Tigertim -

      Sorry, forgot that was up there. Sales post now amended to show SOLD ! Sorry for the oversight.

  • Captain kit -

    Hi, Tiger, did you get my message a couple of days ago,regarding the cold steel?.Regards, Chris.

    • Tigertim -

      Sent you a conversation message just now. Didn't receive your previous message.

  • kungaryfu -

    hi mate,
    whats the blade length and also the length of the wooden handle on the kukri please

  • Fielder -

    I just bought a knife off Tigertim. What a good man to deal with! His communication is great, the knife arrived very quickly and is just as he described. I recommend him highly.