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  • Arclightuk1972 -

    Hi would you be able to make me a small pouch to hold a Spyderco pits. In suede not leather please

  • Itzjackwbu_ -

    Just Seen a post of a couple of leather slipjoint pouches that you have made, how much something like that set me back?


  • Nobby 9100 -

    Jan many thanks. Nobby

  • Nobby 9100 -

    Hi I just got your contact from Jim Rich, he is doing a kydex sheath for me for my Spyderco Manix 2. He told me you might be able to do me a friction leather sheath. Is that something you can do?

    • Ekranoplan -

      Hi Nobby, thanks for your inquiry I would love to make you one I will send you a PM later to make some arrangements.


  • tom durston -

    how do i go about ordering a knife slip? cheers tom

  • Ekranoplan -

    Thanks Ken it was my pleasure. So glad I did not pay the £11.00 seemed to have got to you just as quick.

  • kenj -

    Arrived fits my Dunlap you would think it was made for it lol
    Thank You Again JAN
    All the best

  • kenj -

    Hi Ekranoplan
    I have just bought a Jim Dunlap the case that came with it nylon is to big.
    Chui suggested that you might have one in leather. Or possibly make one nothing to fancy if you can I will give you the measurements