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  • Gonzo260 -

    Hi Nick, interested in buying the SM Muntjax if it's still available ?

  • jagdmatch -

    Nick, I have had a message from a chap who is interested in the SM knife. He has tried to PM you but have you a contact email I can pass on?

  • Cawdor118 -

    Hi Nick, did you sell your Muntjac?

  • Hakika -

    Hi Nick. I found your post/this forum completely by accident while doing some research. we have inherited boxes of knives from my husbands father im still trying very hard to do my homework on them. Their is a lot of old suid african pocket knives soligen, okapi, joseph Rodgers but also some daggers and beyonets from boer war with just numbers on like ORB 81 like I said im still doing homework on them and some have got England or Germany even Ireland written on them so not sure if they are even what you are interested in but we are in south Africa and his father has been collecting since he was a boy. Even here we was concernd how to sell them as banking can be a problem and at moment the post office is to be avoided. Im not sure how this forum works but maybe you can contact me privately Im from Cardiff, wales and do regular trips back home. if I cant help you maybe I can pick your brain with some of the stuff we got. Hope this was appropriate apologies if I have broken some forum etiquette. All the best

    • nick p -

      I've sent you an email. Can you confirm it went through OK please.
      Best regards,