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  • bsss -

    Is that Andrew jordan paracord knife still availble?

  • Nige -

    Hi, just wondered if you would deal the MLL knife for a wilkinson dartmoor? Please advise thank you. Nige.

  • demoncase -

    Messaged you on British Blades too- I'll take that Superleaf at the asking price if I may- thank you kindly!

  • Ralphdawg -

    Hi Mate,

    Would you take 200+ postage for the MPC? Not quite what I was looking for but really nice.


  • Patrickel -

    Hallo sir please contact me:
    I am Interessed in a Chris reeve folder

  • baumannjens -

    I forgot, please contact me with this email ... i´m interested in PDW patches and other brands ...

  • baumannjens -

    Im interested in your PDW Patches please contact me ! I´m from germany.

  • hastiekid -

    Hi mate, I'll have the sheath you have for sale if I can pay by PayPal . If this is OK send me your details and I'll get it sorted.