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  • mantanna -

    Hello knife bro'...welcome to a place that helps with the sickness ;) a little ....

  • lee33htzdisco -

    Hello All!! Historically I'm not a forum guy. However when Edgematters came to my attention back in May of 2015 I wanted to show my support for the project from the get go. As things currently stand my contributions to the forum will be minimal due to my lack of "free time" as a consequence of my present employment. However I'm certain that will change in the future. Now I've linked this with TapTalk on my iPhone I shall endeavour to drop in as often as is possible and participate more frequently. In the meantime it's great to be part of this awesome community and its goes without saying I'm a fully paid up "knife Nut"...just ask my wife! LoL! That's all for now. Have a Good One and Cheers!