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  • Griffo32 -

    Hi Mike, I know it's a long shot but do you have any of your pie locks left?



  • Arclightuk1972 -

    Hi do you have any of the Spyderco pits left please. Regards Gavin

  • Shing -

    Hi Mike, I am going to ask David at Ground Flat Stock to grind a piece of N690 0.4mm thicker than my blade steel so I can use that as the back spring and use two 0.2mm thick PB washers and don't have to mill recesses into the liner.

  • roestalker270 -

    Bless you Mike. :)

  • johnxx3 -

    Is tumbled the right word?

    • pieinthesky -

      Hi John

      I have just come across three messages from you on my profile page. I have to admit, I wasn't aware messages could come that way, I have just stumbled on them by chance.

      So my apologies for not getting back to you.

      I would be pleased to tumble your knife if you still want it doing. Under the circumstances I will do it for £12 which covers return postage PP fees and a bit of electricity!

      Please let me know either way and if you want to go ahead my address is below:

      Mike Read
      67 Meadow View
      NN12 7PJ

  • johnxx3 -

    Hey Mike. Is it possible to get my Spydie PITS tumbled? Cheers, J.

  • johnxx3 -

    Hey Mike, how can I get my Spydie PITS tumbled?

  • Folderfan -

    Designer of the Spyderco PITS folder - the single most sublime folder I've ever owned - just:- Thank you, Thank you.

  • earthman -

    Hello Mike,...this looks like a nicer place to be.