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  • panpeers -

    How about £150 for the system? Regards, P

  • Frank_Cujo -

    Can you give more information on the Seiko watch please?

  • jagdmatch -

    Money sent. My address is:
    Tim Goddard
    ABILOU House
    1B Cranborne Avenue
    ME15 7EB

  • jagdmatch -

    Re redpath, I can PayPal you £75 now as an all in.

  • yelnats16 -

    Hi Is the Edge Pro 4 still available?

  • Offwidth -

    Is your kizer still up for grabs?

  • Imfomati et obliterti -

    Hello good sir I'm wanting to sell my strider WP tanto s30v seen you advert and just wanted to ask would you be interested in a trade ??? Going to sell it for 100 posted with the sheath and a extra sheath what I've made for it let me know before I post my one up or just say sell yours 1st and I'll just bounce the money to you cheers fella.

  • kevin78 -

    Hi I'll take the yojimbo thanks kevin

  • hunter87 -

    I will take the yojimbo 2 please for some reason I can't reply to the post unless I'm just being solid :)

  • chrisinhove -

    Hi - are you interested in p/X or trade for the Myrtle? Yo2, N5 G10, N5 LW s90v?

  • Thedegator -

    Hello, I will have the Junkyard dog if okay? How much for postage? Thanks. Gareth

  • Knife nut -

    Hi matey what the lowest price you can take for böker kwailken?

  • Dangerous Beans -

    I have seen you have an NP Custom Knife Friction Folder up for grabs.
    Is it still for sale?
    I have tried to look at the photos but they are not opening up.
    Are you able to send me the images of the knife?
    Many thanks

    nigel at armitageleather dot com

  • Offwidth -

    is your titus still up for grabs

  • Steve203 -

    Hi is the black handled zt still for sale?

  • Seneschal -

    Is the Strider PT sold now, or still in play? Regards, Dirk

  • firm1969 -

    Alright bud have you still got the CRKT eraser for sale please.
    Thanks Lee

  • Offwidth -

    thanks for getting back to me. Glad you managed to sell them all. Cheers Tim

  • Offwidth -

    I'm interested in your Strider Pt but dont deem to be able to load the photos you've posted? any chance you could post some more. Is there any blade play on this knife as they're notorious for it. Cheers Tim

    • UK_EDC -

      Hello, sorry it's sold pending funds at the minute, but the knife is solid no play. Cheers.