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  • tom durston -

    hi do you have more of the bottle opens? cheers tom

  • midshipman -

    Apologies - new to the forum so not sure how things work, but if the Bantam is £10 posted I would take that, thanks

  • Topheronetwoo -

    Hi would you consider a trade for your rifle for one of the knives I have up for sale ?

  • award95 -

    Hi Matt

    Still using your two knives a lot. Think they are both fantastic.
    What is that one that Paul W has shown in that thread? It's gorgeous!

    • Polardiver -

      Hi, thanks for the compliment.... that was an older drop point I made in O1, green canvas micarta and brass Integral bolsters. Think there is a thread over on BB with more pictures..... Glad you are still enjoying the knives...... There may be more soon!

      All the very best