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  • Arclightuk1972 -

    Hi Paul. I am aware you are very busy. However I wondered if you would consider putting me on your order list. I have no idea of what I actually want as yet as I am very new to slipjoints. My father passed a knife down to me when I was young and I would like to do the same for my boys. I have three sons. Can I ask if you have a list of styles you make. As I have said I'm a complete novice here

  • Lucky21 -

    Hi Paul, I'm in your neck of the woods this week for work, and just thought I'd ask on the off chance of the knife might be ready in that time frame, as If so would happily come and collect it.

  • Shing -

    Hi Paul, thanks for offering the file. My address is 21 barton knowle, belper, DE56 0DE.

    The taxman certainly knows the worst time to demand money!



    • mason knives -

      Hi Shing, i will get it off to you ASAP. If you need any more info, please ask and i will do my best to help.

  • panpeers -

    Hi Paul, I would like to place an order. I have some mammoth and giraffe bone which I'd like you to use for the scales. Could you contact me when's convenient for you please? Regards, P

  • Sam Spade -

    Hi Paul just been through your knife pics...knockout stuff..In fact I feel Punch a vey nice way of course!:D
    I would love to add a knife or two of yours to my collection and would really appreciate a PM when you've got the time.

  • Woolfy -

    Hi Paul, I was given your name by Nick, a Greek guy who supplied me with a Knife grinder. I wanted him to supply a wheel so I could try my hand at hollow grinding, but understand that if you are only going to have a single wheel (which I probably am) it's better to have a larger diameter say 14" than a smaller diameter wheel as the larger wheel provides a less pronounced "hollow" particularly on smaller knives. I wonder if I could ask your advice on this subject please. I have only been doing this since retirement and never tried hollow grinding although the hollow ground knife does have a aesthetic appeal to me.
    If you would be so kind to give me the benefit of your experience I would be much obliged Regards David

  • kiwicut -

    Hi Paul, I have absolutely no idea how kiwicut came to get on your logo. However, if it gets me one of your lovely knives, Great.
    Please remove it at your leisure. Sorry for any inconvenience..

  • The Lord Flashheart -

    Paul I lost your business card in one of those deeply regrettable incidents involving impromptu after work drinks and a lost jacket. I would be grateful if you would send me your contact details so we might talk about that commission you kindly accepted.

  • mason knives -

    Hi every one, and thanks for taking the time to look at my work, i really do appreciate it!

    There is nothing special about me, i just eat steel dust for a living. But i love what i do, and it makes me happy that the owners smile when they get a knife from me.

    Have a great day


  • kenj -

    Hi Paul
    Tried to list BBC news has a warning for dogs that tics are carrying a disease that can kill dogs tried twice to list ?.. please check it out

  • kenj -

    Hi looking for one of your knifes have you any for sale single blade.

  • johnxx3 -


    This swing guard picture you sent me is beautiful. The lines are so clean, precise, it’s just what I’m after, mate. I can’t see where a choil for safety could be, can you? A really strong backspring would provide some safety. As a matter of interest, what would stag look like as opposed to this handle? What is this handle made from?

    God bless,


  • Mac -

    Couldn't resist watching what knives you were producing, talk soon and Best regards,

  • avoidspam -

    Thanks for getting back. Yes, I'm thinking of a single bladed trapper, similar pattern to GEC's #73 (the stag trapper on your site looks pretty close). Clip or drop point but without too much belly. Shadow possibly with nice micarta. Ffg, a user really:)

  • avoidspam -

    Hi Paul

    Really enjoying looking at your work. What's the best way to go about putting an order in with you?:)

    Kind regards


    • mason knives -

      Hi Sam, thanks for contacting me!
      Is there a particular pattern you are after? If it something i have not made yet, let me know and i will do my best to make it for you.
      My current waiting list is 12 weeks, from date of order.
      Hope this helps

      All the best

  • mikew -

    So impressed with your knives Paul. Well done!

  • fluffy -

    Case boot knife please.

    • mason knives -

      Very kind of you Sir! Can you let me have your address please.

    • fluffy -

      Gary lutz
      36 city way
      Me1 2ab

      ...and your PayPal address please?

    • mason knives -

      Hi Gary, i will send off the knife today, RM insured, will there be someone in tomorrow to sign for it?
      My Paypal address is in my wifes name
      Many thanks!
      Wish i could make the meet this weekend, would be nice to have brought it in person.

      All the best


    • fluffy -

      Yes, that's my clinic address as I work from home so there's always someone to take in packages. As an aside Farid told me to buy one of your slippies last year but I'd no cash left by then and this year it's all gone into the extention. Keep making them and I'll try next year :)

    • mason knives -

      That`s very kind of you and Farid, we had a brief chat at the show. It would be a pleasure to make you one. Can you let me know that it has arrived safely please.
      Many thanks