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  • from London
  • Member since Apr 13th 2015

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  • Itzjackwbu_ -

    Don't suppose you still have that GEC lava acrylic do you?

  • Tree Herder -

    Thank you! I planned to do it myself, but couldn't find enough time lately. Best wishes from Poland!

  • Geedubya -

    No problem on the edit. Being a newbie, it will take time to figure out the boundaries. I enjoy hunting, shooting, taking, skinning and processing game as well as photography of such. My sig line on the US hunting forums is thus " A kill artist. When I draw, I draw blood". I do not usually resort to invective or profanity and do not post pix of scantily clad humans. I try to keep my posts non political, but many do feature tobacco, alcohol, firearms, dead animals/parts and blood.

    As an aside, I've been self-employed all my life and am use to paying for benefits received. I read the info about becoming a supporting member. What level would you suggest for a Newbie?


  • Hatter -

    Hi Chui
    I have got £500 burning a hole in my back pocket.
    If that is any good for you let me know

  • Shing -

    My address is 21 barton knowle, belper DE56 0DE. I won't be able to do it for a while.

  • obrbobr -

    please if it's still available ADV Butcher?


  • Chui -

    Hi Les - I did indeed.........he was most grateful..!

    I shall start a "Conversation" (top of your screen) rather than write on here...

  • wes48 -

    Hi Paul

    Yes interested in pride, what sort of price would we be looking at, inc postage

    Thanks Les

    Ps did you pass on the mag I gave you at Bristol

  • jbomarf -

    Hi Chui,

    Can I take C and D if they're still available please?

    What's your email for a PP payment?



    • Chui -

      Hey Andrew............go to the very top of your screen and look at "Conversations" - you'll have one in a minute!

  • Chui -

    - replied to in 'Conversations'

  • Frank_Cujo -

    Hi Chui. are there any knife forums in SA?

  • Chui -

    - thank you............please go to 'Conversations'

  • Imfomati et obliterti -

    And I take the kershaw military one as well PayPal info also thanks

  • Imfomati et obliterti -

    Hi IL take the top one boot knife with sheath cheers

  • Chui -

    @megalift - please go to/see 'Conversations' - thank you!

  • megalift -

    Can I take the snap on melon sampler please?

  • lympysympy -

    Hi mate is that T.R.E still for grabs? PM me if so please.

  • tactical -

    Hi, I'd buy your Horizon knife. Let me know please.

  • robs -


    Are the bladetech still up for sale

  • Chui -

    Yes, sir.........I have sent you a pm (Conversation)

  • Griffo32 -

    Hi Paul,

    Can I take your Spyderco Southard please if it's still available?

    Many thanks


  • Chui -

    At the very top of the screen you will see "Conversations"

    Click on the "+" sign, and you can fill it all in, and send your message!

    Any problems, let me know

    Best, Paul

  • redpig -

    Hello Chui. How do I make an offer for the whittler. Can't work out how to send a message. Perhaps he would consider a lower price? Cheers John

  • Mr Doyle -

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the offer. But not really what I am after..

  • Mr Doyle -

    Hi Chui,
    I have a feeling you may be out of town..
    Do you have any of those lovely ironwood blocks up for grabs. Need to put a handle on a nice hunting blade.
    Chin chin,

  • Mr Doyle -

    Hi Chui,
    Somehow my post has appeared in Paul Masons page. Can you sort this and put in mine. Also contacted Packrat.
    Hope you are well,

  • Chui -

    - send it to pieinthesky

  • johnxx3 -

    Paul, I'm looking to have my Spydie Pits tumbled. How do I do that?

  • Chui -

    John - please reply in the Conversation NOT on the wall - thanks!

  • johnxx3 -

    Paul, any advice after last email, I pay by pay pal, does this mean people can pay me by sending to my email address or do I have to set up a fresh account or do something.I can take photos with my phone and email them, but to who? Thanks for your help, James