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  • Mr Doyle -

    I have just jumped on the Unobtainium subscription and paid the fee. Then I realised I am down as a maker. More than happy to support the forum, but I do not know what I am now. Please help..

  • BigAl -

    Hi there

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I signed up yesterday and havnt received my validation email yet. Is there anyway this can be chased up?


  • john wings -

    bruce please cancel my thread,on my for sale,mini cleaver insert ,as its duff.cheers buddy.

  • kenj -

    Sorted it is now as it should be. Cheers.

  • kenj -

    Hi just added a post knifes and watches I could not lode photos and then managed 4
    Do not know how to remove 3 photos do I delete the post ?
    Thanks Kenj