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    This has been brilliant to follow and something that I look forward to seeing in my kitchen.

    Yes please .

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    Cheers all!

    Why would you not use something like that? It looks like a solid build and Damasteel holds a great edge.

    In my limited experience of using customs, I have found that the maker is usually flattered that you have used their design and are happy to work a bit of magic to bring it back up to A 1 condition (if you feel it needs some TLC).

    Doesn't mean I will be bringing out my Mokuti and Mammoth ivory custom for a bit of battening though...


    I dig the asymmetrical spine "nick".

    You have to admire the designs coming from the Theirs area, they seem refined and elegant while still retaining a purposeful air to them.

    Impressed, and thanks for the review.


    Welcome to EM and its good to have you here.

    Big fan of Portugal. I Lived in Cascais and Ericiera for a while and fell in love with the country.

    Enjoy your stay.

    Ate logo amigo!


    If you aren't getting involved in knife collecting / usage anymore & have found your grail, the rising cost is immaterial !

    Not sure why you'd be concerned ?

    Maybe if a replacement is required due to loss or unforseen damage?

    I know that I have found what I consider toy be go to grail/user and the thought of losing it makes me feel skint!

    Unfortunately I have not had chance to use a SPITS, and the only thing about the review that piqued my interest was that the edges were little sharp - but as he said, that would not take long to remedy if you thought it nescessary.

    Having seen a couple of the originals by Mr Read, I can say I was certainly impessed with the F&F.

    Reveiws schmews. We all love em' but they are best taken with a pinch of salt.

    About time Mr Hossballs!

    I am sure I won a comp for a mushroom Knife off you back then...Still got it and use it!

    Good to see you here at EM and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the Gov consultation...

    All the best,