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    Why would you not use something like that? It looks like a solid build and Damasteel holds a great edge.

    In my limited experience of using customs, I have found that the maker is usually flattered that you have used their design and are happy to work a bit of magic to bring it back up to A 1 condition (if you feel it needs some TLC).

    Doesn't mean I will be bringing out my Mokuti and Mammoth ivory custom for a bit of battening though...


    I dig the asymmetrical spine "nick".

    You have to admire the designs coming from the Theirs area, they seem refined and elegant while still retaining a purposeful air to them.

    Impressed, and thanks for the review.


    Welcome to EM and its good to have you here.

    Big fan of Portugal. I Lived in Cascais and Ericiera for a while and fell in love with the country.

    Enjoy your stay.

    Ate logo amigo!


    If you aren't getting involved in knife collecting / usage anymore & have found your grail, the rising cost is immaterial !

    Not sure why you'd be concerned ?

    Maybe if a replacement is required due to loss or unforseen damage?

    I know that I have found what I consider toy be go to grail/user and the thought of losing it makes me feel skint!

    Unfortunately I have not had chance to use a SPITS, and the only thing about the review that piqued my interest was that the edges were little sharp - but as he said, that would not take long to remedy if you thought it nescessary.

    Having seen a couple of the originals by Mr Read, I can say I was certainly impessed with the F&F.

    Reveiws schmews. We all love em' but they are best taken with a pinch of salt.

    About time Mr Hossballs!

    I am sure I won a comp for a mushroom Knife off you back then...Still got it and use it!

    Good to see you here at EM and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the Gov consultation...

    All the best,



    Looks like all your effort paid off.

    Love the design as well Corbs, looks very refined. Your client most be well chuffed.

    That is a very interesting design and the stacked handle looks amazing - Have you any idea what the materials used on the handle are?

    Do you think the small semi circular notch on the blade was intentional?

    Lovely to see something new - thnaks for sharing this with us Mel!


    £241.95 for the EX01

    £334.95 For the Ti Spine

    (From a well known website...)

    The EX01 is soild and light with a crazy Tanto Harpoon grind- a steal at that price...£100

    Having thought a little about the ti spine - European manufactured ,Ti integral with Chad nichols Dam...Price adjusted as I dont really mind if this one stays! £200...

    Happy weekend - hope you are all up to some fun things!

    I'm Spartacus!

    IBSA by XmXCrX, on Flickr

    But seriously, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for those lucky enough to have met me will obviously understand this.

    (I have no idea what any of that gibberish above actually meant)

    This thread is destined to become more ridiculous, whilst hopefully still regaining its dignity with awesome pictures of UK legal carry.

    So far Chui's Ignatius and JP's Mike Reads *thing that cannot be seen* are pretty high up there for me at the minute...

    Like the way the grip almost creeps behind the blade edge...Is this small enough to be a neck Knife?

    Top work as always and the grip looks very useful...