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    Benchmade are acutely aware of the issues of warranty reference their folding lock knives & our over zealous UKBF customs team. Purchasing BM knives from a UK retailer is recommended. However, contacting BM direct will give you all the parts support you need. The life sharp is redundant over here. BM won't service serrations either. Sharpening knives...That's what we do isn't it ?;)

    Sales threads : Item Location must be included

    Where is the item located or do we want another seizure to occur importing a bearing pivot knife into the UK ? The seizure as a flick or gravity knife is far more likely to occur using the country the knife is located in "National postal system ". National posting there means national postal system in UK !

    Gents, If this type of knife is sold to UK, the seller & the buyer need to get clever with it.

    Mr Glass half empty here.:(

    Can I humbly suggest that this knife could potentially be seized as a Zombie knife if purchased outside the U.K. I'm really sorry but if you consider that European Union purchases are now being seized as if they were outside the E.U. Then consider the "genius"criteria for the Zombie knife ban wording below

    Amendment of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Offensive Weapons) Order 1988

    2.—(1) The Schedule to the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Offensive Weapons) Order 1988(1) (which specifies offensive weapons for the purposes of section 141 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988) is amended as follows.

    (2) In paragraph 1, after sub-paragraph (r) insert—

    “(s)the weapon sometimes known as a “zombie knife”, “zombie killer knife” or “zombie slayer knife”, being a blade with—

    (i)a cutting edge;

    (ii)a serrated edge; and

    (iii)images or words (whether on the blade or handle) that suggest that it is to be used for the purpose of violence.”.


    S.I. 1988/2019, amended by S.I. 2002/1668, 2004/1271 and 2008/973; there are other amending instruments but none is relevant.

    Then look at the knife..:(

    Then think of all the admiration we hold our esteemed UKBF Detection Unit seizing legal to purchase & possess knives & tools by misinterpreting our poorly worded laws.:/


    Mistakes happen:thumbup:. It's a worrying time for the UK knife industry, be it making, selling & owning. I'm sure we would all prefer not to hand any the anti's anymore convenient headlines. Let's keep calm & carry on.;)


    Nice collection of knives. I especially enjoyed the movie buff paragraph :

    My favorite Gerber is my 80's Tac II which appeared in Big Trouble in Little China (awesome movie) as Jack Burtons trusty knife which he uses to kill Lo-Pan the big bad in the movie, took me ages to track it down.

    That accompanying a push dagger on a publicly browsed part of the forum should cement a lasting image of EM as a responsible adult site that promote knives as tools :thumbup:


    Thanks for reviewing the Griptillian. Can you put some pictures up ?

    I'm a fan of Benchmade knives. I've bought them since the late 1990's. The launch of the axis lock was a pivotal moment for me as a left hander 8) The ambidextrous nature of many BM knives kept me coming back for other models. The quality control of the knives was first class until a few years ago. Some ghastly examples of poor attention to assembly fit, Operation & blind school sharpening, got shipped. I believe BM struggled with getting new models with trendy powder steels to market at the same time.

    BM After sale service is excellent & I completely overhauled a 420 Resistor. Every spring, screw, thumbstuds, stand offs & pocket clip all received into UK at no charge :love:  Try getting just a screw for a high end Chinese knife like Reate :(

    Compared to US knives of a similar price point, I've found they are similar to Kershaw & Spyderco. I'd hope that CR products are better finished in the detail than a Griptilian. Fancy steel aside, it's not a Black Class or Gold class knife. Any issue with quality that I've had has been with a couple of knives in the Blue class.:|

    With immediate effect, all sales threads must have location of buyer / item.

    Reason :

    It's come to our attention recently that our much admired United Kingdom Border Force Detection Unit are now actively intercepting & seizing legal to own & purchase knives sent from inside the European Union to the United Kingdom. This practice had previously been adopted by UKBF for knives imported into U.K. from outside the European Union resulting in many retailers & private sellers refusing to ship to U.K.

    2017 saw a policy change by Netherlands based supplier "Knives &" who now refuse to sell & ship legal to purchase & own folding locking knives with finger guards sometimes referred to as "flipper" or deployment tabs to U.K. The UKBF Detection Unit have seized numerous knives illegally & classed them incorrectly as Gravity knife or switchblade ( Flick) knife under old laws passed in 1953 & 1959 & subsequently seized as prohibited weapons. However, any folding locking knife that may deploy from closed to open with the flick of wrist or use of other item attached to blade may also be subject to seizure.

    In addition to the above action & "seizure of goods notification" letter sent to the personal

    importers home or business address, Since 2014, the most disgusting behaviour is now being implemented by the UKBF Detection Unit on an increasingly regular basis , where the agency ( allegedly acting upon direction from the Home Office ) are instructing Police Officers local to the importer of the knife to be visited at home or work & questioned about the importation of a knife. This has now gone one step further where we are now informed that Importers of a legal to purchase & own knife are being requested to attend Police stations & questioned under caution with what appears to be no legal justification.

    Due to the above, we feel that buyers & sellers need to be open & transparent from the start, where sellers & their items are located & that sellers outside the U.K. be aware of the risks of shipping knives here. It's the responsibility of the buyer to assess the risk of importation. If goods are seized upon importation into the U.K, any insurances against loss or damage are void. The seller of the knife can not be held responsible for sending you the knife.

    I will clarify that in the cases we are aware of, the buyer & the seller did nothing illegal. Proving that the "United Kingdom Border Force Detection Unit" seizure actions are illegal requires them to be challenged in court & ordered to return illegally seized items. This is risky & potentially costly.

    Magistrates are not knife law specialists They could rule against you. There's no case law definition. Even if you win the court case, there's no law stopping the Agency doing exactly the same thing again the next day.

    With regret.

    EM Team.


    I agree reference Meindl Not heard a bad word. Never owned. But the equivalent boot to Defenders costs £200 up ?

    I know the site intimately.Oh the irony in the site name...never stops giving :lol: It's also a trollathon ! Opinions are subjective*

    However I'm struggling to find concerns about ankle support etc. The Haix boot trial ( I own a pair from that test time & subsequently left them in Germany ) were not as good for grip & ankle support.

    Captured from various random threads within the site.

    The wear of Altbergs mentioned. Again, I guess it's very subjective.

    xellos99 That's normal wear & tear on the heel based on your physical gait isn't it ? Not excessive wear for such old boots surely. Here's mine !

    My black boots are 15 years old ! Still serviceable. If the sole is too hard , don't you skitter over greasy hard terrain ?

    I like testing & Science. This is what I put my faith in : SATRA.* A benchmark testing facility

    Which of the following boots listed below passes SATRA , CE & BS :EN tests for slip, fire , wear / abrasion & significantly, water ingress testing without the requirement for a Goretex insert ?






    Here's the answer :

    Don't use dubbin on your Altbergs btw. This is made at the factory in gods own county ;)Nothing works better imho.

    Using the above on Defender boots means the only way you'll get water in is if you pour it in the top of the boot when your foot isn't in it.;)

    When it comes to rough, worn out old boots that take a licking & keep on kicking, it's not just forum members from Yorkshire that put up a fair fight :)

    Lucky21 The NSN MOD Defender are all made in YorkshIte.;)

    The Warrior has been made in Treviso, Italy. Not a cheap place to manufacture but a very convenient one for distribution. The Mallerstang mountain boot range are made there irrc & were developed in the Alps nearby.

    filleep The Aqua boot has a more waterproof insert. The Defender & Warrior has a breathable cambrelle insert. One of my pairs see 16 hrs a day in summer8). They are also one of the few boots that pass the SATRA test without Goretex inserts to boost water ingress protection.

    aribach mentioned accepted payment types.

    Lucky21 Why does the maker not use PP ?

    In order of safety :

    All my deposits for anything business are made by VISA credit card. Why ?

    PayPal payment next after checking T & C’s

    Bank transfer : U.K. or Long distance = fail !

    I’ll cut to the chase. Business has taught me everything I need to know about Human nature. That’s why I love my dog so much.

    No effing way would I hand cash over. End of.

    Altberg. What does the brand name mean to you if anything ?

    Do MOD & NSN numbers define the “best” hard use boot ? Most of the serving personnel I know, rate them & still use them.! Are they brainwashed by brand ?

    Who here has tried them ?

    Have you stayed with them ?

    If you’ve not tried them, why haven’t you ?

    I own a few dfferent makes of boots from Dr Martins , Lowa, Haix & Scarpa. The only brand I have multiple pairs of is Altberg in varied ages.

    They aren’t lookers in some eyes perhaps. I get that, so are looks more important than function ? I only wear Dr Martins for casual & business as my wife says the Altbergs are too hard core.

    Thoughts ?