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    There is a come-back, you can challenge it in court and would likely win if you could prove the knife was legal under UK law

    My opinion & outline experience is that this comeback is nothing more than theory for many folders & even fixed blades. I’ve challenged the UKBA on the restoration side of seizure. The magistrates court challenge is a condemnation proceeding. Failure to establish the knife type as falling within word of law versus interpretation / spirit of law & with virtually no case law or defined legal precedent will leave a magistrate at the mercy of the clerk of court & the weight of HMRC C&E BFDU acting upon open definition of switchblade, Gravity knife & Zombie knife act.

    Anyone who challenges the condemnation proceeding & wins in court does not set a precedent either. I am aware of no successful challenge to condemnation proceedings. If you lose, you are liable for your & their costs. I was given advice that I could be lumbered with £15k in costs, further appeals by either party notwithstanding !

    I went the restoration route rather than condemnation proceedings challenge. I lost.

    I agree Ian. you are right.:thumbup:

    We had initially hoped that members would self manage their sales. Many do.:thumbup: The bump throttle was discussed more, then we "upgraded" the software..

    The new software package has not been without issue. Other priorities including our health & wellbeing took precedence. A bump throttle is an inevitable conclusion.

    HO policy must find its way to the staff on the ground at the Border Force Detection Unit.. Seizure targets are a function of this supported by unnecessary visits to the importeee by Police officers , be they trade or individual. Of course, once an item has been seized, condemned or other wise, the address of seizure is never blacklisted is it ? :/

    It's sad to hear of someone's home being broken into. :( Random theft from a persons home is one of the reasons stated by the recent HO Consultation paper for wanting to further restrict ownership of certain knife types that were legal to own by introducing the criminal offence of "keeping a prohibited weapon in your home" If thieves will take a pocket knife over everything else, there's the possibility this thread's content supports the Governments reasoning for pre-emptive legislation ? There's little doubt the thieves could have stolen kitchen knife as well, but didn't ?

    A disturbing quote from a Google bash...:lol:

    "Those that buy cheap tools have never known the feeling of holding a great tool in your hand "

    Automotive use of internal Torx...So much is right about them when new. Many of the primary design features that lend itself to a contaminant free productionised assembly line where automated precision torque settings combined with compact tool size give a consistent end of line product , can make life extremely difficult a few years down the line.

    The single biggest issue I perceive with internal Torx is corrosion at the root of the pattern face in exposed application combined with thread lock. On a pocket knife or domestic circuit boards etc, corrosion tends not to be an issue. Threadlock needs to be softened with heat / use of a soldering iron head.

    I own an embarrassing amount of tool & automotive related equipment amassed over 35 years.

    My experience with internal Torx is that the male driver is rarely, if ever an issue. the design brief of Torx was driven flanks closer to 90 degree with additional radial contact over similar size hex heads. The caveat is that it's was not designed with threadlock in mind but to impart a consistent machine torque. Threadlock application changes everything.

    I own Torx in Snapon, Wera, Wiha, Halfords, Draper, Kamasa, Amtech etc.

    My experiences is that given the prep required to deal with thread lock & or corrosion, all the above work as well as each other. My most abused Torx are the Halfords set. I've smashed them, bashed them, used the Torx to hammer a new profile into a hex head to remove engine & trim related.

    A consideration for all the Snap on fanboys. Life time warranty great in theory . You pay for the privilege & it's clear to me that the warranty is a victim of the supply chain franchise. Lots not in stock to support warranty.....& is worthless if you lose the bit or tool.

    Halfords "Professional", or "advanced" would be a strong recommendation from me.

    Good advice from Rick:thumbup:

    The rubber covers & seals tend to be seen as consumables with 12 months warranty in UK...

    If you aren't a member of Candle Power Forums or Budget Light Forums, I would join up. The guys over on these forums know what fits what & where to get it from 8)

    However, a lot of the Far East products have high model turn over with new designs almost every year compared to Maglight & surefire that build a unit for min 3-5 years life & actually build parts stock to support these products perceived long service life.

    Good luck

    Two of the most enjoyable pic & word knife WIP I've ever seeen from any maker since I can remember:thumbup:. The end results are as you'd expect.<3

    Thank you for all the effort & hard work to bring the material together & animate the knife.

    We've all got a take on this with no right or wrongs imho.

    As a business man of sorts, I ask my clients to pay up front on a proforma procedure when paying for special order materials or non returnable goods. Poor business practice between customer & trading bodies cuts both ways..I've only been on the receiving end however.

    You only order £9k of special non return parts & have a client mess you about once....;)

    I'm also happy to pay suppliers or makers a refundable deposit for goods, should they be encounter difficulties.

    The days when Makers, manufacturers & small business kept vast stocks of anything are gone.

    If the client reneges on the job where he's prepaid for parts, he gets handed a box of said parts:thumbup:.

    If a maker or any trading body takes full or part payment for goods that technically do not exist, it's not their bloody money. It should be in a holding account as previously mentioned & not be used to fund a shortfall in their business model..!