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    Lol, you are very funny but I certainly won't be taking your advice, not going to sell my Spyderco PITS etc, that would be madness,....why you constantly 'knocking' me for liking/mentioning slipjoints that have a choil?

    I know that you own one, many other members on here do too, it's got to be one of the best knives that one can truly EDC 24/7 (without having any concerns over that 'good reason' aspect),.... why are you against such slipjoints, ones that have a great safety feature basically? ?(

    Yes, I'm kind of done with buying knives in general, like I've said before, isn't it normal to get to a point with any hobby/collection where you either lose interest or kind of wake up and realise that the money & time would now be better spent elsewhere? I can certainly still appreciate looking at new/unusual folding knives especially, the 940 were on my radar just before I woke up, I may well have actually bought one if it had come up a few months earlier shall we say.

    The overall shape of the handle on the first knife let's it down in my eyes, if only they had sculptured it to fit in the hand. Lovely blade shape though.

    I've never been asked on the Ferry! Blimey!

    Rumour has it that my Lil'Matriarch went unnoticed through both outbound and inbound security scanners on the Eurotunnel a couple of years ago. I go cold thinking about what would happen if they ever find such an item....

    I've never been asked on a ferry either, I couldn't really say 'no' either because I've been in a motorhome, the cutlery drawer is full of knives.:lol:

    I first heard of Altberg from other bikers. I know a number of Yorkshiremen with short arms and deep pockets who have been willing to reach the bottom of those pockets because Altberg is a quality product. I’ve always meant to get a pair as I have narrowish low volume feet so struggle to find a good fit in most brands.

    My current mountain boots are Aku and they impressed me enough that I also got a pair of NS564 for day to day use.

    I'm still using a pair of their motorcycle boots, many years old now but still perfect, I'd certainly buy from them again.

    As most say he's a musician and probably has more reason than most for a useful multi tool , this business is bad how can this item be for sale in any shop and then the potential for arrest as soon as you walk out ? and yet the clowns want to ban online sales !!! the police would be able to police online sale easier than shop purchases . This guy was an easy target ,what a farce a young man with a talent and aspirations only to have a criminal record for what ? .

    Behaving aggressively is/was his biggest mistake I feel, whether or not the outcome would have been any different if the tool had been spotted under different circumstances, who knows?

    When a newspaper says blade they mean knife, or in this case multi-tool, just makes it sound more sinister

    Yeah I know but why would you say that you use an attachment for something it's not designed for?

    I'd like to know which MT he actually had, chances are, it had a dedicated screwdriver attachment.

    It sounds like a very poor excuse to me, I'd be more inclined to mention the times I've used the pliers, file or whatever, for their intended use rather than say what he did.

    So many non locking knives have that V shape space too, that really puts me off them especially when the blade doesn't lock.

    Some good advice....

    I found that very interesting and kind of sad at the same time, when one is truly innocent it's only natural to be willing to talk to the cops, well that's how I were brought up.