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    That's a relief I keep encountering blokes who would not last 5 minutes without some one looking after them !!!!

    That obviously wasn't aimed at forum members......was it? :/............;)

    Found this on the Framar website in an advert for an FS type3 dagger:

    This is a Sheffield made Fairbairn Sykes 3rd pattern commando knife. Finish in gun blue with leather sheath.

    These are produced by Ex SAS armourer Gary Wines.

    I googled his name and got this:

    Strange it doesn't show any of the Barlows/folders on his also doesn't mention the steel he uses in the adverts for his fixed blades.....

    Thanks Paul :)

    Fingers crossed the dunnys and parachute shelter are ok but we could always use the weekend to sort or repair anything that needs it, we've had some pretty successful work parties there in the past.......:thumbsup:

    This question has been asked dozens of times but it never gets old and it's always interesting to read other people's choices.

    My Falkie A1 still gets my vote. The fact is that ever since I bought it second hand on BB 7 or 8 years ago it has been my answer to this question and I haven't tried anything since then that would make me change my opinion.

    That's not to say it's my first choice during normal camping trips when I can obviously take what I want but I've yet to use a better all-rounder.

    For those that haven't been before here's a bit more about the site:

    We built a pair of composting toilets a few years ago but there are no other facilities. If the weather turns inclement we can shelter in the barns and there is also a large parachute shelter that Bardster erected in the trees that we can have a fire under (assuming it has survived).

    For those that feel the need The Rose and Crown pub in Mundy Bois is about 0.5 mile from the site and there are plenty of shops and supermarkets in Headcorn about 6 miles away.

    There is normally plenty of deadfall wood we can burn so bring saws and axes, there is also a communal bbq but you'll need to bring your own charcoal.

    Finally, don't forget your sharp and shiny toys for the "show and tell" plus anything relevant you have for trade or sale.

    The nearest postcode is TN27 9EY. The map below shows where the site is in relation to the postcode (red marker). The entrance is where the road forks to the right. We can usually camp anywhere from the barns, past the gate and up to the trees before the cultivated area, though it might depend on whether there are any sheep grazing in the top field.

    The picture is misleading, it's well over 100 yards from the barns to the gate then at least the same again to the bottom of the trees so there's plenty of space. The hammock spots are about halfway along the treeline to the gate and there are others in the trees next to the cultivated area. Paul will have to tell us if the parachute shelter in the trees has survived since we were last there.

    I'll post some more info tomorrow.

    Would have been a good winter one for the last few days wouldn't it gents :thumbsup: Nice bit of cold weather stuff GREAT :thumbsup: & very good company :)

    It definitely would Mick though perhaps not so easy to get there especially with all the shenanigans on the M20.

    Thinking about it, the last winter camp I did was with Graham at Sapphire seems like an age ago......

    The trees for hammocking are up in the middle field by the camp fire area, however this wooded area has in the past had a fair few dead standing trees which have had to be removed. I haven’t been to the farm for a couple of years now so haven’t had a chance to look the area over. I would recommend that unless Paul can confirm there are suitable places to hang a hammock that you bring other sleeping arrangements as well just in case the area isn’t safe.

    There are a couple of hammock places on the left before the gate goes through to the top meadow. This is where Paulm and my mate Toby normally set up camp but I haven't seen Paul since the BB days and Toby is working in Saudi so I doubt he'll make it.........