Colt 1911 A1 8mm blank firer ( pre 96)

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  • I'm clearing out my old Blank firers as I won't be displaying them at my new home.

    1911 A1 spec single action semi-Auto from 1991 by Bruni Italy.
    This 8mm early top vent pistol in full chrome with recessed barrel tube & wood grips. These really were made very differently to the modern blank firing pistols...It's a lovely old thing ;)

    Only fault is sticky extraction with newer 8mm blanks but I hadn't fired it in a decade....
    It's a rare thing so I'd like a collector here to grab it.

    No sale of this private collector piece to under 18 years as per VCR act. Please contact to discuss any detail you are unsure of.

    Price £295 OBO including shipping within U.K. mainland.