Some handmade knives that I have made.

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  • Hello all,

    This will probably be a pretty amateurish thread compared to some but I wanted to have a place to show some of the knives that I've made or do make in the future. As it stands I've made a fair few knives over the years but mostly from kits or by using knife blade blanks and some of which I've sold on in order to fund other things.

    Now as I've never been able to share the hobby I love with people before I've had no real need to take pictures of my knives so currently I only have pictures of two knives that I've made from over the years but I'm hoping to change all that over the next few years. ;)

    This below was one of the first few knives that I made which was made using a fairly straight forward knife kit from Brusletto, Norway. It was fairly easy to make as you just needed to fit and then epoxy the handle, ferrule & blade together. I did polish all the metal work for a better finish as well as sand the wood handle and finish with clear varnish.
    I also hand stitched the leather scabbard together which I was pleased with as it was the first time I'd made a scabbard.

    This second knife is made from a "Rough Rider Custom Shop" knife kit and was a lot more challenging in the sense that it was a very cheap kit so needed a lot of work to get it to fit together nicely. I had planned on doing some file work on the back spring but in the end I left it plain so plan on making more of an effort on the next folder I make.

    Although this is again made from a kit I did try to customise it slightly by grinding the blade slightly for a more aggressive clip point as well as polishing all the metal work.

    Hopefully if you've read this far you're not too disappointed with my efforts and I will endeavour to update this thread with further pictures when I can. Won't be for a while though as my "workshop/mancave/car garage" is not in the best shape currently but I'm working on it. :thumbsup:


  • Thanks for the replies and praise guys as it is very much appreciated. :)

    I will post more pics when I can but it won't be for awhile unfortunately as my "workshop/mancave/car garage" is in a state, ...basically it needs rebuilding due to a cowboy builder who ripped me off last Christmas. That's a whole long story though.

    Until I can get that sorted I don't really have anywhere to make knives but when I do start again I've got some nice new equipment to use including a new bench grinder & polishing wheel ~ no more struggling with a Dremel. Lol. :D