Important! ​A change to the "Chew the Fat" subforum

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  • We love what (we hope is) the 'relaxed vibe' of EM, but we realise that it's not everyone's cup of tea, and that serious makers in particular may not want to wade through off-topic wibble and lots of giggling, trying to sort wheat from chaff. We totally get that, and how to strike that balance has caused us a lot of head-scratching.

    So... in an attempt to try and solve or at least ameliorate the problem, and keep the more serious knifey aspects of Edge Matters separate from the wibble and meme aspects, we've decided to make the "Chew the Fat" subforum "opt-in".

    This means that from tomorrow morning (Sunday 9th 8th Jan), you will not see anything in the "Chew the Fat" subforum unless you join the "Chew the Fat" User Group.

    To join a User Group, click on your username (top left), then click "User Groups".

    We hope that people who are interested in knives but don't like the wibble will choose not to opt in, and that anyone who does want to wibble will join the user group and do their wibbling in "Chew the Fat"... and nowhere else!

    We also hope that this change will be of net benefit to Edge Matters and we thank you for your understanding; we also encourage discussion and comments below.

    Thank you all for being utterly wonderful. EM is nothing without YOU!!