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  • Ok :D

    Its happened ,I got my wish and we've now got our very own place on the great EM to discuss these wonderful knives :thumbsup:

    Please ,please help me populate this sub section you beautiful people <3 ... Start many threads ,post many pictures and type a little bit too :lol:

    To brake down the name of the section down ...or what should be posted here

    The Slipjoint part means exactly that slipjoints :D

    The traditional part means lockers can be posted here As long as there in that old school cool/ my granddady carried that style :thumbup:

    Lastly desperation has set in :lol: And they've made me the mod around these here parts .... Any ungentlemanly conduct and a book will be thrown !! :)

    Thanks for reading and thank you to the EM 3 for allowing this space ... I'm soooooo looking forward to this section

    Joel :beer::beer::beer:

  • Does that mean non tacticool stuff ?

    Like this ....?

    Basically .... :D

    If your concerned that your posting up a knife in this sub forum and your not sure you should be .....There are few simple steps you can take to make sure

    Step 1).. Head over to the YouTube

    Step 2) ..Type in said knifes make or model in the search engine

    Step 3) scroll down the search results page and look for any videos of the folder in question...Cutting either a pig or rack o beef in half in a single blow and also look for any video's of individual's who have forgotten that the edge faces towards the thing you want to cut not the spine

    Step 4) If you do not find any of these videos ....then the knife is more than likely welcome here ....Please post it on up :D 

    - and please note, Joel @Platinum is a mod in this sub-forum :thumbup: 

    Yep ... :thumbsup:X/

    And if any of you thought Darren was strict and unreasonable .....You ain't seen nothing yet !!! :lol::lol:


  • The name had me confused!

    I know it's only a small thing but I wonder if flipping it round might seem better and not confuse others (or it could just be me!)

    Slipjoints and Traditional Folders seems to make more sense than Traditional and Slipjoint Folders.

    I hadn't noticed...To excited to get this section in the first place!! :lol:

    but yes yours is the way id suggested it in the first place ....will go have a beg at Bruce in a minute :D

  • And whoever said being gobby never pays? :D

    A great idea, and congratulations on your promotion Joel, all you've got to do now is behave yourself ;)

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  • Totally Hugh :)

    I have been thinking about that ,since the first post

    I'm happy to include all of the above folders (in your posts),in there own threads,in this sub forum .... I've got nothing against a " Show us your modern U.K. Legal carry" thread being in here or a "look at my shiny new pinch joint /detent lock/friction folder/"

    I worry about cutting down the acceptable definition of slip joint to just traditional folders .....Where do you draw the line ,most Oeser's couldn't be classed as even close to traditional but I sure want to see them in this section .....Same again for penna his folders are mostly (if not all) are screwed together but I want them here :D

    Actually Pena is a good example to try and explain what I was hoping/looking to use this section for ....He makes slipjoint patterns with screws and even some as frame locks ,these are both totally fine to post here .....Mr Pena also makes the diesel line and similar that are full on ,heavily built frame locks, These would not be welcome here

    I also really wanted a section where all the great slipjoint makers who post on here and who don't have a makers section of there own (for what ever reason) can now all post in one place :thumbsup: ...For us all to enjoy and hopefully find :thumbup:

    Yeah ,I know clear as mud ....I think post 7 explains things better ;)

  • - don't think we need fret too much here @Platinum because I'd hope the vast majority of people understand the thrust of the sub-forum subject title.

    If anyone goes a tad wide of the mark we can sort it out, no worries.

    There's a few threads that have preceded this that qualify very well and I'll see if we can get them under the new wing asap ;)


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