Chinese budget folders

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  • @Jayronife is new to this forum, is keen on these type of folders, and asked if I'd start a here we go....... :D

    I no longer own any budget Chinese folders, had a few long time ago, including the well respected Sanrenmu (spelling..?) - anyway - they're amazing value for money and totally and utterly knock the f&f pants of all the folders that ever came out of Sheffield :ninja::D :lol:


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  • Just received this a Ganzo G727M-CA, seems well built and came With a reasonable edge and velour carry bag.

    I think the attraction for me is that they are low cost, so it doesn't matter if they break or get misplaced and they are very good value for money.

  • I've just ordered a realsteel H6-S1 from twisted assisted. Wonder if they'll do a version in some fancier steel?

    The Ganzo's look great for the money, I'm definitely interested in the G7531.
    What do you make of the plunge grind issue talked about at the 3.30 mark in this vid?

  • Y-Start JIN01/Boker Magnum B+B

    Excellent fit-finish at the price and various colours. Built along the lines of an Enlan EL-01 so no lightweight.

    Couple of Ganzo FireBird old style folders Made by Ganzo Designed by FireBird according to a couple of recent purchases (Benchmade and Spyderco not designing for them after all).

    The G714 and G7142 in the above photo have a mix of fasteners, Torx T8 for the pivot and T6 for the pocket clip but Metric Allen head for the scales. I can remember them doing that years ago but I thought they had stopped mixing them

    The new ranges of Ganzo have been seriously depleting my funds. there was a time when Ganzo didn't feature on my want lists at all. I had a G712 and that was it, then the G717, 704, 720 and so on. They have seriously upped their game in the QC department, with the 714/7142 screws excepted.

  • Great buy @Gooner. I bought a 7056 a year ago as a beater and boy did I beat it. After a years worth of use in week one I was really impressed with how it'd held up, so I decided to test it to destruction in a make believe survival scenario including batoning and cross-gain batoning.

    It survived my ridiculous torture test unscathed (other than some cosmetic dings). No mechanical or functional damage at all, even it's coating held up really well.

    The value for money meter goes off the chart with that one, enjoy :thumbsup:

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