Edge Pro type sharpener "Ruixin" or similar?

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  • Hi,

    Just wondered if anyone else had tried any of the cheap Edge Pro type sharpeners, particularly those branded Ruixin. I've just bought one, and with a few modifications I'm quite liking it. I can see it replacing my Lansky. Mine is one of those that came with a suction pad ball joint base (completely useless) and adjustments for both the angle of the table and angle of the sharpening guide rod. First mod was to ditch the sucker and go for a fixed table mount, putting the table at 15 degrees. Next I replaced the clunky pivot with a rose joint. Finally added the diamond stones and made some hardwood blanks that I can use with self adhesive lapping film.

    I've used it to set sensible bevels on a couple of knives and find it works well. I'm particularly pleased with the 500 and 800 grade diamond stones, the 500 cuts fast enough to get the job done, and the 800 smooths it off nicely. I think I have a bit of a gap before moving onto polishing, hopefully the original 1500 (ceramic?) stone should help. However for much of my intended use I'm going to be using the Sharpmaker to maintain the edge, so will use the Ruixin to set a slightly lower angle, and it doesn't need to be polished.

    Here's the current form. Still to be added are a couple of stops on the sharpening rod to stop it running off the edge of the blade.

  • Watching this thread with interest, I have managed for a good few years with the sharpening set up I have, but I have always fancied a dabble with some posher fixed angle equipment.

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