Pinned Photo (attachment) allowances

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  • Photo (attachment) allowances

    I don't think we've made enough of the feature that if you get the top level sub (S35VN or Unobtainium) you can choose to ask us to re-allocate your attachment allowances to suit your individual preferences.

    As a top level subscriber, by default you can post 10 x 4MB attachments per post, but if you prefer, you can have your account set so that that 40 MB allowance is split up in any of these ways:

    10 x 4 MB (default)
    16 x 2.5 MB
    20 x 2 MB
    40 x 1 MB

    Drop me a PM (or 'Conversation' as it's called with this software) or email admin at edgematters dot uk and I will change yours for you if you wish.

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