Vintage Gebr. Lützenkirchen Scout knife

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  • In the 1920's the Gebr.(brothers) Lützenkirchen from Solingen, Germany were known as manufacturers of straight razors, but starting around the 1930's they also made & distributed general cutlery & scissors.
    Just like many other Solingen manufacturers during the 3rd Reich period they also made Hitlerjugend knives and SA dress daggers, these last ones being quite rare nowadays.
    In 1935 their factory was situated on the Klingenstrasse (blade street) 36 in Solingen, and this is a list of the various brand names they used: 'Botafogo' (1920), 'Ciwis Solingen' (late 1920s?), 'Conte Aiollo' (1921), 'Kirche' (1923), 'La Foca' (1920), 'Lützenkirchen' (1920), 'Lutz Solin' (1922), 'Phoca' (1920), 'Schwertschalg' (1923), 'Seehund' (1919).

    The pictures show one of their Fahrtenmesser (scout knife) with lion head figurine pommel, which was made under the Seehund (seal) brand in the late '40's and/or during '50's.
    It was in quite a bad state when i received it, but some TLC and a bit of elbow grease brought it back to life.
    The steel also takes a screaming sharp toothy edge.


    Overall length: 8.54 inch (21.7 cm)
    Blade length: 4.57 inch (11.6 cm)
    Max. blade thickness (ricasso): 4.84 mm
    Steel: hot drop-forged carbon steel
    Handle material: stag, leather & fiber washers, brass guard & aluminium pommel.
    Sheath: leather

  • - lovely, really nice that, thanks for sharing :thumbup:

    Wish I'd kept my old sheath knives from Scout days, heaven knows where they went ;(


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