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  • I am not sure if they are selling one kiln or 2 kilns and why would you need to program the kiln. If I want to program something, it won't be a kiln.

    I think they need to make the entry a bit simpler, I don't want to have to learn the ins and outs of programming a kiln when there are simpler alternatives.

  • Reading the manual, such as it is, I get the impression the controller is pre-configured to "work". Effectively you just enter the temperature setpoint required and it will heat to that. Where you'd need to program stuff yourself is the ramp/soak profile for whatever process you want to undertake.

    Let's say you want to set up an annealing cycle for something: you'd want to set program comprising a start temperature of, say 800 degC and a soak time of say 30 min, followed by a ramp down segment: say 10 hours with an end temperature of 400 degrees, giving controlled cooling at 40 degrees/hour, then switch off.

    Most dedicated kiln controllers will do this and are specifically designed for the non-technically-minded. The end-user usually only has access to a limited menu.

    Industrial controllers with ramp/soak capability tend to be cheaper and much more versatile, but assume the person setting them up is technically minded and understands their process. There is not usually multi-level menu access, so there is the possibility of the end-user accidentally changing something major (like the thermocouple type).

    The controller shown is a REX C100. Googling Rex c100 does not exactly fill me with confidence. I couldn't find a reference to a programmable version of the Rex C100 from a quick google.

  • I have a C100 and there is no ramp as far as I can find, just an on/off when the set temperature is reached. I suppose you could get a different controller, the C100 is very cheap.