Boker ceramic folder

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  • Knowing how many dedicated metal bashers there are on this site i won't be surprised if I'm excommunicated for putting up these pics. I've had this for quite a while I bought it from the U.S. and was told at the time that it was the first ceramic ever produced by Boker.

    Update Just looked at the paperwork. it was bought new in 1991.


  • A few years ago i resharpened this small ceramic backlock folder without any markings (probably made by Böker)
    It's a well made knife, but with only a rudimentary edge & point, so even opening the mail with it was difficult.
    The new edge fits in the 30 degrees inclusive slot on my Tormek angle gauge, is slightly convex, and can shave the hair on my leg in both directions as well as treetop short hairs.
    I used the Tormek Black Silicon stone graded to around 1000 grit for reprofiling, followed by diamond compounds 15, 6, and 3 micron, all on dedicated Paper Wheels.


    Length open: 4.7 inch (12 cm)
    Length closed: 3.0 inch (7,5 cm)
    Blade material: black zirconium oxide
    Blade length: 1.8 inch (4,5 cm)
    Blade thickness: 2 mm
    Handle material: Ivory Micarta & Nickel Silver bolsters
    Weight: 61 grams

  • Kwakster, looks like a nice little knife, certainly something of an achivement to sharpen this material to that standard. I've just had a look in the box that mine came in and there is a folded card recommending that no attempt should be made to sharpen it and that it should be returned to Boker with Five Dollars to cover return postage (this was 1991). Somehow I don't think it would finish up as sharp as your example.