Old School Flandi

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  • As I have no workshop yet, and not sure if I will have. I decided to go old school with some materials I brought over.
    Its amazing what you can do with files, rasps, and some wet and dry. I did use a cordless drill for the bolsters (which are stainless and where a nightmare) and the holes for the pin (which are silver..). I took the bolsters down to 4000 grit and then used some toothpaste to get a polish (told you it was old school).
    I recon this took five times longer than if I had a grinder and some power tools so its not something I will make a habit of, however, it was very satifying in the end..

  • That is such a lovely knife, great profile.

    "This is my rifle.There are many like it, but this one is mine"


    Sharpen it like you love it, use it like you hate it.

  • Looks great :) , any WIP pics along the way ? Might of made a good tutorial that one

    No WIP I am afraid. It was touch and go for a while, especially with the bolsters which are a pinned fit and tricky for me at the best of times.
    Glad how it turned out though, the ergonomics are really good..

    Cheers Chaps..

  • Thanks fellas..

    Just sliced up a few large carboard boxes. The grind makes light work of this and the blade doesn't get stuck halfway down the cut. I think 6mm thickness (tapered both ends) is the optimum for this style of 'bushy'. You have plenty of strength for wood splitting and stuff and the flat grind makes for excellent slicing. The width of the blade also allows you to carve, something you would expect on looking at it..

    Hopefully outdoors with the Flandi next week and will put it through its paces. I may even make some photographs as I fancy a bit of a head to head with a couple of other models..

    For my own use I haven't used a scandi grind in the woods for years...