Edge Matters (How sharp?)

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  • Seriously though, I always used a Sharpmaker with my Sebbies and never had a problem :)

    Your lucky then, the Sebbie's have convexed secondaries that don't usually sharpen up well on a Sharpmaker.

    "This is my rifle.There are many like it, but this one is mine"


    Sharpen it like you love it, use it like you hate it.

  • BEst edge I’ve ever owned was a rockstead, but wouldn’t like to have put it to much use as the edge was so fine and high I’m convinced it would have chipped. Most usefully sharp knife I’ve ever had is my mason, it’s got a great slightly toothy edge that cuts effortlessly, I’ve got a s30vn sebbie and I can’t get it sharp for love nor money, I’ve stripped the daylights out of it, used stones , a Work sharp and nothing gives it a convincingly sharp edge, just given up with it as I’m a lowly wearing the blade depth away and making no progress. I’m conviced the Hearn treat is to very good on it.

    Interestingly, I found my L21 the easiest of my 'quality' folders to put an edge on. It's perhaps the only one I can think of where I actually enjoyed using the KME on it - the feedback from the stones was really rather nice and it took an edge much more swiftly than any others I can think of.

    Possibly bad heat treat on yours. Could send it to Frank for him to check out with Reeve?

  • One of the great benefits of cast 440C with its great big carbides is you do better without a mirror finish. The more you use the better it cuts natural materials.

    One of my SERRATA has seen daily ++ use since Stuart released batch 7.

    I run it along a ceramic rod couple of Times a week.

    When wife says it's blunt I use Wicked Edge to 're set edge down to around 1000 grit.

    Generally sharp enough to leave bald patches on limbs.

    I'd love to get results like Lee Tyres gets on folders; but for aesthetic/vanity rather than practical cpnsiderations.

  • I'm a user and abuser of most of my knives, and I'm also pretty terrible at sharpening. That said, I can get a shaving edge on some knives, but most of the time that's overkill for me. I'm not a hunter, I'm mostly cutting paper, tape, boxes and cable ties in my EDC life, and wood carving for my camping side of things. So for me, shaving sharp is overkill most of the time, as satisfying as it is.

    Attached is my poor ol' CRKT Minimalist Wharnie, complete with snapped and reground tip. She's been a real work horse...