Real Steel E771 Sea Eagle

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    • Real Steel E771 Sea Eagle

      I wanted to share my thoughts on a recent acquisition, the Real Steel E771 Carbon fibre Sea Eagle. I picked this up after seeing a few of Real Steels offerings and thinking they looked good for the price. On that subject I paid Sub £50 for this including postage thanks to the EM discount from James @Twisted Assisted.

      A carbon fibre handled baring running flipper with 14c28n blade and near perfect execution. A bargain at twice the price I'd reckon.

      The first thing that hit me when it arrived was the packaging, Real Steel have got this just right for the price point. Perfectly acceptable and presentable, the knife is wrapped in a Real Steel knives branded cloth, packed in a foam insert with paper leaflet all wrapped up in a sturdy branded cardboard box. Nothing that doesn't need to be there but without leaving you wanting more. Anything more and I'd feel like I was paying extra for packaging, which is not necessarily a bad thing depending on the knife but at this level not needed.

      A quick run down on some specs:

      • Blade Length: 3.74" (95 mm)
      • Blade Steel: Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel, 58-60HRC
      • Thickness: 0.14" (3.5 mm)
      • Overall Length: 8.46" (215 mm)
      • Handle Material: Black G10/Carbon Fiber Laminate
      • Weight: 4.21 oz. (120 g)

      Once you've overcome your excitement and opened the box, dived in and grabbed your sushi knife roll and unwrapped it you're presented with the Sea Eagle. Now I'm not really sure where Real Steel came up with the name but that aside it's a fairly substantial lump in your hand. This was the first thing I noticed closely followed by the fit and finish, which simply put is pretty flawless. Going a bit further and you find everything fits together flush and smooth with a nice tolerance all round and only one sharp edge (that ones intentional).

      Finger at the ready and pop! Outcomes the 95mm stonewashed 14C28N blade. The flipper has an acceptable amount of resistance and glides open smoothly. Lock up is solid with no rock or stick and a nice amount of Jimping on the lock bar. There are much faster flippers out there and you can't help but feel with a slightly stronger detent Real Steel could make a noticeable difference to speed of this. Now let me clarify that there is no problem with how this flips open, think Sunday morning drive in your Jag vs track day in your Lotus. Both have their place. Once deployed you get your first real look at the blade and the profile really stands out for me. I like the pronounced and steep drop from where the Jimping and thumb rest are down the spine of the blade. Came shaving sharp and the stonewash adds a nice touch but a satin finish is also available.

      In hand it becomes abundantly clear that the handle and ergonomics best suit a hammer type grip for my hand with the thumb on the spine of the blade. This feels further promoted with the swell in the handle. The scales are extremely smooth to the touch and this was to be expected as the carbon fibre is only a laminate over G10. It still looks nice though and doesn't detract from the knife at all. There is a perfectly acceptable pocket clip which appears can be adjusted for right or left tip up and down carry so all the bases are covered here. I would have liked to have seen a deeper carry clip though as it leaves a good half inch protruding from the pocket.

      All in all a fantastic offering for at a price worth a risk. If this is indicative of what Real Steel offer then I'll certainly be receptive of there products in the future.

      Thank you Real Steel, Twisted assisted and everyone else for reading.
      "DIBS called on your GECs by Hattori Dyson"

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    • No problems. It's was actually quite nice to get my thoughts out there and if it helps someone else make a decision then all the better. I should really take the time to do some more reviews, it would be nice to add to the review section and really get a nice little library for people to browse if they're unsure :thumbsup:
      "DIBS called on your GECs by Hattori Dyson"
    • Without a shadow of a doubt. For under 50 notes to get all you do executed as well as it is I'm blown away. Definitely one to watch. It appears Chinese makers are on the ball at the moment. Long may it continue if this is the result. I've already got my eye on a couple more :thumbsup:
      "DIBS called on your GECs by Hattori Dyson"
    • @Hattori Hanzo

      I have only just ordered it was waiting for confirmation on variant.

      I could have Stonewashed or Satin finish and decided on the SW :)

      I was always partial to them but last week I got the H9 and the hook was certainly in ;)

      CF, Bearings,Flipper ... win win win ;)
      Its an aesthetic beaut !

      Again the only gripe is the Steel but for the £ its hard to be beaten.

      The H9 and E771 are Sub £50 Wonders
      The S571 at 3 times that but you get Ti and Elmax and a Limited Run :)
    • - yes, that's a real peach for the money :thumbup:

      Even though they've used pre-cut scales, the edges are well radiused and just set back from liners edge, so would suggest quite comfy to use

      Great shape/design too.

      Nothing really to dislike, even though blade looks a tad bland, but bet nicer in the hand than the pics convey.

      Wonderful buy!!

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