Any Kukri experts ?

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  • Hello All at EM ,
    Just wondering if there are any Kukri knife experts on forum who could help me out ? I have seen a Kukri for sale on a dealers site which appears to be in half decent condition and priced at £95
    It is advertised as good example vintage antique Gurkha Kukri from around WW1 and could be 1800s , it does come with a scabbard but the two utility implements Karda and Chakmak are missing . It has a 13" hollow ground blade with the words "best steel guaranteed" stamped on the riccaso , the blade itself is slim nicely shapedand has two fuller lines / grooves up to half way along the back of the blade and is as near as I can identify to a WW1 Ang Khola . The handle is green horn with a pronounced ring carved around the centre of the handle . It is finished off with brass pommel cap and bolster / thumb rest . The scabbard is finished in black leather with a broad brass decoration around the throat .
    Can anyone on here help to confirm its time date etc and let me know if the price sounds about right ?
    Many thanks
    Mike :/ 
    Forgot to say there is an iron stud / button peened on the end of the pommel cap .

  • It's difficult to comment on the value of an item without seeing it. These have been made in huge numbers for a long time and as a general rule are quite common, the only ones that sell for high prices are good quality well decorated old examples, or well marked British military ones with broad arrow stamps, numbers and dates. The fact that it's stamped 'best steel guaranteed' does not fill me with confidence.
    I'll just add, I don't consider myself to be a Kukri (or any other) expert but I've collected for a long time and know a fair bit.

  • Hi Legend,
    Any chance of a hyperlink / pictures so we can really give you an opinion? I am no expert either but if you see my pictures of my collection elsewhere you will see I have three Kukri's so I'very got some idea; oh and a good few mates who are ex-Ghurka's so MAY be able to help.



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  • Hi there .I am a bit of a novice but I do have about 8 khukri in my collection and it does seem as though it could be a tourist knifew your looking at buying.Never seen one with best steel stamped on it as yet but am always on the look out first these knives.Hope this helps.