Forum etiquette & sexual references

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  • Today has seen a rather odd level of sexual innuendo and sexual references that has led to three separate thread-prunings to remove the offensive messages.

    We want people to join EM to learn about and discuss knives. We don't want them to look in here and find us talking about

    Ok, a case can be made for these being amusing little turns of phrase, and we are all grown-ups, but this forum is not the place for this kind of talk. We're not being prudish, and we want people to be able to relax and have fun here, but there are limits. Stuff like this doesn't belong on EM.

    Don't worry, nobody is getting banned or warned, and if you are in any doubt about content we will soon let you know if you overstep the mark. But I suspect all the people who posted the offending messages today would have realised they were not appropriate if they had paused to think for a few seconds before pressing Submit. That's all we're asking.

    Thank you.