Handmade canvas NATO watch strap

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  • For the sake of transparency, I paid for this with my own dosh and will be keeping it :D

    Quick and dirty review of a new of a handmade canvas NATO strap by Steveo of stevostraps.com
    I was recommended Steveo by a member on BB regarding a replacement leather strap for my new Glycine (I have quite big wrists and most standard leather straps are not big enough)
    After discussion via email with Steveo I ordered that and was told it was about eight days turn around.

    I was just having a browse of his site the day after and saw leather and canvas NATO straps. I’m a massive fan of this type of strap and have a reasonable collection of styles and colours that get regularly swapped over on a variety of watches.

    I ordered one of the canvas NATO’s to come with the leather one and save postage.
    Both straps arrived recorded delivery yesterday morning, quite a bit quicker than estimated.

    This is Steveo’s pic of both together he sent me before shipping

    I would probably describe the strap as a Rhino type due to the shape and the size of the hardware which is brushed steel

    I’ve only been wearing it for a day but its easily one of the most comfortable straps I’ve even known. It’s made from MK8 Type B cargo parachute flight release system canvas (whatever the heck that is????) specifically two pieces glued together with a flexible polymer adhesive.

    It’s a 20mm one so fits loads of my watches. My Traser has 22mm lugs but when I popped it on there it looks fine?

    Here are a few shots on different watches

    A Precista 18Q

    A Smiths Military (the 39mm version)

    and a gratuitous wrist shot of the same

    and on the Glycine Combat 7 it was bought for

    I fancy one of his leather NATO’s next so watch :rolleyes::D this space