What do you want of a review?

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  • for such an opinionated lot we don't seem to cram much into the personal reviews area.
    Is it we don't want to talk about the tips that snap off a custom knife, don't want to offend makers or upset friends or is the whole writing after using thing a fag?
    Trust me when I say I loathe the whole picture taking uploading and so on bit it I'm very happy when others do it 8) .

    What do you like best in a review?

    Where's yours? :evil:

  • I like hard use tests like I did in a 01-d2 thread.So like chopping brick etc.obviously tho most don't want to do this with a knife they've paid out for so maybe only makers would do such tests. But mostly I like real world tests for example if the knife being reviewed is a hunter then I want to see it skinning etc, if its a bushy I wanna see feather sticks etc.
    I dislike reviews that are just a grope and a paper slice for example"this knife feels good in the hand and can cut paper easy :lol: it's ok to include that statement but should be accompanied by more tests,thoughts.

    pics are a big + tho :whistling::D

  • I can assure you that the hard use my Shing penknife (which has been a daily carry since it arrived, it just moves from trouser pocket to trouser pocket , only seeing the light of day when I use it) has received so far runs to paper and the odd twig in the garden.
    This blade in particular has been the used one as it works so well:

    though a few more gratuitous pics won't go amiss

    I used to only use the bigger blade in my old SAKs so the small one remained very sharp if I ever needed it to be so. It seems I'm doing the reverse with this.

  • I'd just like to see some reviews, period ! :)

    Reviews from Subwoofer & Devonreviewer are pretty slick & professional as sponsored reviews should be.

    The reviews that float my boat are members paying out, owning / using, then a few pics & words...doesn't have to be the complete works of Shakespeare ;)

  • So this arrived today, a blade by Steve Wade Cox and a handle by Rob Evans

    I picked it up cheap from Stormy on BB and thought I'd give it a run out against the same pattern of knife from Mick Spain, my old favourite in Yew and 01

    I have to say the two performed exactly the same for me when pointing the end of a solid bit of weathered branch from the woodpile, feathering, chopping, batoning down the shaft, drilling and cross cutting.

    Dull and boring you might say, Woodlore clones, meh!

    The thing is they did all these tasks very well, easily and without strain on the hand, even though I've still not bothered to sharpen the one from Mick Spain.
    The other thing is the knife from Stuart Mitchell in RWL34 and carbon fibre did better.

    Now that I've had a bit of practice using it it outperforms, for me, the Woodlore pattern which I'm quite used to working with in my dilettante way. The pointing had a butter like effect on the wood, the feathers were more easily controlled and the wood more fractured in each swipe. All three were equal at drilling holes. no worries about making fireboards or holes for cord in pegs. Cross cuts for wedges and hooks were easy with all,the shape of the blade and the quality of the knives overall not a problem.
    The RWL34 Deval of the Stuart Mitchell was just as sharp as it has been since it arrived and still hasn't even seen a strop, so it wasn't the cutting ability as such, more the pressure able to be exerted on the cut. The handles were each 1/4" longer as we went from Evans to Spain to Mitchell and although they all have coke bottle handles the thickness of them also increased in the same way until the CF provided the biggest platform for my hand.
    The tapered steel of the handle of the Deval

    means it balances very well.
    Running this tiny test has shown me again that just comparing steels doesn't mean much, the truth is in the knife. Using one until the 10000 hours of practice needed for an expert level of skill to be achieved is possibly overkill but use one for 10 hours and you know what you can do with it and what edge it gives you.
    Looks like I'm going to be demolishing the woodpile in the next few weeks.

  • I love doing reviews, but they are hard work. Trying to marry up the text with the ba-squillion pictures I upload takes an amazing amount of patience. And trying to connect the many tests into some cohesive order is a nightmare too, especially when the review has been spread over a few weeks/months of testing. Trying to think of something new, that isn't repetitive isn't easy. So a list of test scenarios would be something I'd like to see, so I could then follow up on the interesting ones. I did ask for this when reviewing Andy Woods knife.

    Pictures of the knife being used, interesting, diverse tests that are out of the ordinary would be what I like to see.

  • and still another week passes where no reviews surfaced (nag nag nag) :rocketlauncher:

    Keep this up and I'll have to start doing more. :thinking:

    If you don't know how, this is what you do:
    Pick up knife or knives
    Write about how it was for you. (include pictures of something for those hard of imagining :) )

    Sit back and gloat as other people curse you for having the good taste to buy a knife now unavailable to them. :evilgrin:

    What's not to like? :minigun: