Please put your Date of Birth in your profile

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  • A quick reminder that since Edge Matters has a lower member age limit of 18 years, we require that you confirm your age by entering your actual birth date.

    We have noticed that quite a few people are not doing this. If this applies to you, please fix it, it takes just a few seconds, by clicking your avatar top left, then click "Edit Profile", then enter your birthdate, then click "Save". It's that easy!

    If you're concerned about how we will use this data, you do not need to be. We promise that we will never use it other than in the context of automated checking of your age when you have joined up to the forum. It will not be given, sold, lent, or otherwise disseminated off this site, and it will not be shown to other members (your year of birth can be, if you enable that option in your profile).

    We will from time to time run a script that highlights birth dates that are incomplete or show as under 18 -- if yours is highlighted, we will contact you to ensure you correct it.

    If you have any queries, feel free to ask.

    Thank you.