EM's direction - PLEASE READ!

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  • EM's direction, and how we want to steer it

    Edge Matters is rapidly approaching its first birthday (May 1st). Some said we'd not survive a year, well we have, and we're justifiably proud of what we've achieved, and so should all you members be, as it goes without saying that you ARE the forum and we'd be nothing without you and your contributions. We are so grateful for all the help we've had, thank you all so much.

    With this in mind the founders have recently been discussing the direction we're going and how we want to try and steer EM over the next year. Up until now, when we've had issues we've pretty much left things to sort themselves out, there's been just a few tiny hiccups that have required our iron fists(!), but we've decided that from now on we're going to take a more proactive role in trying to keep things a little more organised and on-track.

    Thread Direction, Hijacking, Trolling

    Specifically, we want to try and ensure that threads are not hijacked or trolled, and that serious threads stay serious, pics only threads stay pics only, that kind of thing, and outright entertainment (e.g. meme posters) are kept to the places they belong... which is to say in the chat/wibble areas only. In addition, outright sexual references and inappropriate material or images will be removed from now on.

    We love a laugh as much as the next knifey person (and the the founders are guilty of all of the above as well at various times; we are not beyond criticism) but we don't want EM to turn into a joke. It's a serious knife forum, albeit with a relaxed atmosphere, we hope. We want this to continue but we feel it is getting to the size where the approach to these things is becoming more important.

    We're going to be moderating threads more closely, and pointing out by PM where people are straying, and no doubt sometimes editing posts (with reasons given). You won't be "warned" or "banned" or have to sit on the naughty step so there's nothing to worry about (unless you do/say something very out of order), it's just about keeping things in the right place, and especially the key thing of respecting the thread-starter's intentions.

    May we to that end please ask that you do your part by taking note of the above and considering your post content before you click Submit?


    Finally a word about sigs. Please can you ensure that your sig is not "too much". This basically means that it should attract less attention (smaller font, fewer lines, less bold, less colourful, you get the idea) than the body of your posts. And also no rudeness/swearing/sexual references please. Finally if you are not a Supporting Member, we will soon be introducing and enforcing a rule that will not allow links in your sig, so please remove them.

    Anyone not sorting this out themselves soonish will have their sig edited by us, and will be notified. If you're in any doubt what's ok, ask one of us.

    Thank you

    These are decisions we've made to try and steer Edge Matters in the direction we want, but most importantly we think it'll make it a better place for the members, and a more appealing place for new people looking to join a knife forum.

    Thank you,
    Bruce, Darren & Paul

  • Great to see you are looking at this strategically. Important for the long term.

    Would like to say a big thank you for this place. I don't post a huge amount but I really do like hanging out here in my spare time.

  • Read, learned, and inwardly digested.

    Many thanks to the EM Triad for bringing us here, and for a great 1st year.

    Now where is that ashamed smilie ? :/

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  • @Jimmypie
    We all got into bad habits...."throwing stones in glass houses" & all that. ;) 
    It's about striking the balance that we need for long term viability.

    I actually thought my forum contributions in terms of content, help to others ,promotion and of course stupidity was fairly balanced , but I'll reign in the latter no problem , I like it here and I like most of the people too :beer:

  • - yeah, it's all a balance

    Silliness and stupidity are great in the correct place at the correct time, please don't ever stop.

    There've been instances where the OP (and others) felt members were being disrespectful to the thread, and we left it.........but it started to happen a bit too much, so something needed gently saying... :)


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  • All perfectly reasonable. :thumbsup:

    Regarding thread Hi-Jacking - I always think forums should be like a chat in a pub, of course they will go off subject at times, and thats all part of the journey...... within reason (!).

    Personally, I love the random tangents that threads go off in, but maybe thats just me?

    I find sexism and sexual innuendo far more intrusive, but in my eye it only damages the credibility of the poster, rather than the Forum as a whole.

    Keep up the good work gents. It is appreciated, even by occasional posters like meself!

    There is very little here that needs fixing.

  • Keep up the good work gents. It is appreciated, even by occasional posters like meself!

    There is very little here that needs fixing.

    Thank you Jim.

    I agree that many threads wander and that's totally fine if the OP didn't have an agenda or particular subject matter in mind. But if you gathered a load of mates down the pub and said 'Right let's talk about fishing' and people kept trying to talk about cricket instead, it would get pretty wearisome.

    I too find sexism very hard to tolerate, and I am not mad keen on puerile sexual innuendo either although I'm sure I've been guilty of this on occasions.

  • - yes, cheers, JimTheBob :)

    Very difficult to gauge, but it's possible it does deter some who look in and see innuendo/OT stuff too much.

    There are a few members who joined us early on and haven't returned, including some nice guys from overseas - perhaps, and it's only a perhaps - they were partly put off by this, and, not being able to join in with some of the British humour.....?!

    I could be entirely wrong here, and it's merely part of a growing and new forum.


    ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
    Gunther Muller