Vintage Puma Knives

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    • Vintage Puma Knives

      I've had this Puma Nicker in my collection for many years, because of the serial number, I just assumed it was made in 1974. However, I've just found this Puma knife dating chart and it seems my knife was made in October 1971.

      Here is the chart and a few pictures of the knife and sheath. It appears to be unused as it's in wonderful condition. With a lovely little swedge and some subtle serrations. It even has its original green sheath.

      Why not add pictures of your Puma knives and date them.


    • - lovely idea, Karl :)

      I have always been 'that' close to pressing the trigger on a Waideblatt, but never quite managed........

      Only have one Puma, and although 10years+ old, doesn't really qualify for vintage

      Display Spoiler
      - bought for pure nostalgia's sake as the scales are Jacaranda - used to play under a Jacaranda tree when I were a wee kid in Kenya...


      ...anyone who rides a bike and loves nature, can never be poor, we will always be happy, no matter what
      Gunther Muller
    • This Puma 3587 Jagdnicker (designed by German Head Gamewarden Walter Frevert) from 1969 was my entry into quality knives, and i still have it.
      The knife was meant for performing a mercy kill for deer and the like (German: abnicken) and the price around 1980 was about 80,00 Dutch guilders.

      It was once resharpened by a local knife sharpener who at that time had a good name, but the man managed to ruin the appearance of the blade by putting it flat on the wet beltsharpener and thus not only removing all the etching but creating a new facet in the surface as well (something that cannot be seen in the pics)
      Although the knife is still fully functional it was a sad day, and for me that was a sign to learn how to sharpen myself.


      Overall length: 20,2 cm
      Blade length: 10,0 cm
      Blade thickness: 4,1 mm
      Steel: Stainless Super Keen Cutting Steel
      Hardness: 57-59 HRC
      Handle material: Sambar Stag
      Bolster: Nickelsilver
      Weight: 135,0 grams
      Sheath: Leather
    • This is one of my more rare vintage Puma knives, a right hand 6385 Trapper's Companion made in 1968.
      The model was available in a dedicated right as well as a left hand model, the latter being even more rare as only 1 in 10 knives was made a lefty.
      As you can see the knife was never used, it even has the Rockwell sticker on the blade.

      Both the blade itself as well as the edge has a chiselgrind, with a completely flat backside.
      Also notice the thick brass guard.


      Overall length: 21,8 cm
      Blade length: 11,0 cm
      Blade thickness: 4,1 mm
      Steel: Stainless Super Keen Cutting Steel
      Hardness: 57-59 HRC
      Handle material: Sambar Stag
      Guard: Brass
      Weight: 138,0 grams
      Sheath: Leather
    • A vintage Puma 6396 Bowie made in 1980.
      This one still had it's factory edge when i got it, but it was so horribly done i reprofiled & polished the edge on my Wicked Edge sharpener.


      Overall length: 27,5 cm
      Blade length: 16,5 cm
      Blade thickness: 5,0 mm
      Steel: Genuine Pumaster Steel (forged & hard chromed carbon steel)
      Hardness: 61 HRC
      Handle material: Sambar Stag
      Guard: Aluminum
      Weight: 216,0 gram
      Sheath: Leather
    • Vintage Puma 563 Medici from 1978.
      This model was specifically designed to quickly finish off small game, and it has a folding guard to protect your fingers.


      Length open: 18,2 cm
      Blade length: 7,9 cm
      Blade thickness: 3,0 mm
      Steel: Stainless
      Hardness: 57-59 HRC
      Handle material: Sambar Stag
      Bolsters & guard: Nickel silver
      Weight: 82,0 gram
    • A Puma gentlemen's folder from the 1930's, with large & small blade and beautiful stag scales.
      Apart from a little scratching on the ricasso's from opening and closing basically in new condition.


      Steell: unknown stainless
      Handle material: Stag on brass liners
      Length closed: 8,4 cm
      Blade length large blade: 6,5 cm
      Blade length small blade: 3,9 cm
      Weight: 31 gram
    • The big bowie Paul Hogan used in the Crocodile Dundee movies was designed by a man by the name of John Bowring, who was also a licensed Puma repairman.
      This is the actual knife that the movie version was inspired on, a Puma 6376 Bowie, and this is my own a vintage example made in 1978.


      Steel: Genuine Pumaster Steel (forged hard chromed carbon steel)
      Blade length: 20,0 cm
      Blade thickness: 6,6 mm
      Hardness: 61 HRC
      Handle material: Sambar Stag with aluminum guard
      Overall length: 32,5 cm
      Weight: 413 grams
      Made in October 1978
    • Here a Puma 915 Emperor which was built in 1984
      The Emperor was the largest model in the Aristocrat series and it is indeed quite a handful.


      Length open: 25,1 cm
      Length closed: 14,2 cm
      Steel: Stainless Super Keen Cutting Steel
      Blade length: 11,2 cm
      Blade thickness: 3,0 mm
      Weight: 220,0 gram
      Handle material: Sambar Stag with brass bolsters
      Locktype: Backlock
    • A Puma 6394 Hunter's Companion from 1977.
      The knife is basically new, but had a few light sharpening marks on the edge from a previous owner.
      I restored it to a hairshaving semi-polish with the help of my Paper Wheels, which also helps to guard the edge from corrosion as it is still a carbon steel underneath that hard chrome top layer.


      Overall length: 22,6 cm
      Blade length: 11,8 cm
      Blade thickness: 4,9 mm (ricasso)
      Steel: Genuine Pumaster Steel (forged & hard chromed carbon steel)
      Hardness: 61 HRC
      Handle material: Sambar Stag with aluminium guard
      Weight: 151,0 gram
      Sheath: Leather
    • A Puma 6317 Fahrtenmesser (travelling knife) without a serial number, which means it was manufactured before 1964.
      The knife is still in excellent condition, be it that there are a few shallow scratches on the blade from the 2 metal clamping springs inside the leather sheath, which itself is sadly missing it's belt loop.

      I gave the knife a new semi-polished edge on the Paper Wheels as it was completely blunt when i received it.
      Nice details are the silver monogram shield inlayed in the thick stag, and the message on the reverse side of the blade which reads: " Rostfrei - schneidet sehr gut", which translates to " Stainless - cuts very well".


      Overall length: 24,3 cm
      Blade length: 13,5 cm
      Blade thickness: 2,6 mm
      Steel: unknown stainless steel
      Handle material: Sambar Stag with silver monogram shield.
      Sheath: Leather with metal clamping springs
    • Vintage Puma 3588 Waidblatt from 1982 (serial number: 27282) in mint condition & complete with unused leather sheath & papers in wooden box.


      Overall length: 33,2 cm
      Blade length: 21,7 cm
      Blade thickness: 7,5 mm on the ricasso & 8,0 mm at the Rockwell indentation
      Steel: carbon steel
      Handle material: Sambar Stag with inlayed silver monogram shield, nickelsilver guard & pommel
      Weight: 582 grams
      Sheath: Leather
    • The Puma 6362 Mariner is a high quality fish filleter with semi-flexible blade.
      It was made in 1987 and is still new and complete with seawater resistant sheath, yellow/green box & papers.


      Overall length: 27,7 cm
      Blade length: 15,3 cm
      Blade thickness: 2,0 mm
      Steel: Stainless steel
      Hardness: 57-61 HRC
      Handle material: Artificial rubber with aluminium guard
      Weight: 125 grams
      Sheath: Vinyl
    • The Puma 126480 Defender was designed in the early 90's by German knifemaker Richard Hehn, and built by Puma as a limited edition of only 500 pieces.
      It's a pure fighter with heavy metal handle & double hollow ground 154CM blade (top not sharpened), and the point of balance is just in front of the first steel rivet.
      The guard is embellished on both sides with a Puma logo medallion, and the bottom picture shows the security mechanism; a steel pin with mushroomed head that clicks directly into a hole in the handle.


      Overall length: 28,6 cm
      Blade length: 15,8 cm
      Blade thickness: 5,8 mm
      Steel: 154CM stainless
      Handle material: polished stainless steel inlayed with Grenadille (African Blackwood)
      Weight: 297 grams
      Sheath: Leather
      Complete with wooden box
    • Vintage Puma 941 hunting folder, made in 1976 and never used, carried or sharpened.
      Complete with original plastic green box & leather belt sheath.
      Very hard to find in this condition.


      Blade Length: 8,2 cm
      Length open: 19,2 cm
      Length closed: 11,1 cm
      Maximum blade thickness: 3,9 mm (ricasso)
      Thickness behind the edge: +/- 0.3 mm
      Steel: unknown stainless
      Handle Material: Sambar Stag on brass liners
      Lock type: backlock
      Weight: 119,0 gram
      Made in Solingen, Germany