Warning about LD Grinder from Lino Dessi

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  • You guys are not the only ones. This man has left a trail of scammed customers all over the place.

    He was present at the Dutch knifeshow a year back and sold a number of machines to a number of customers.

    1 of them has finally gotten everything with all parts (after 7 months of broken english promises)
    1 of them has gotten MOST his parts by now (13 months after paying) with some still recieving broken english promises for.
    1 of them is still waiting for even the base machine....13 months in.

    The man is a con artist. When I posted a warning about him on FB he started namecalling me.....when then tried to sweet talk me "I make the best grinder in the world" blablablabla

    Wouldn't go near the man with money within a 10 foot radius.
    Wouldn't go near him without money without some kind of blunt object to keep him away from me.

    The 1 guy I know that actually got all his parts is very happy with the machine.....but 7 months of broken promises makes even him go "for warranty work I'll find someone else to do it"

  • Seems there are more and more people. I asked the question, on in a group on FB, if anyone had had dealings with him and he had me blocked from the group! He has now said that my parts will be shipped on Monday. So i will update in a couple of weeks. Hopefully in a positive way!

  • Sorry to hear about you guys having problems with this dude.I got my 2x72 grinder from nick in Greece.Mostly I heard positive things but some people had be waiting a long time.In the end he was a great guy and just was taking on to much work at once which meant some stuff was getting mixed up.Not a excuse but a actual reason and maybe a poor business plan.I got my grinder in two weeks so no complaints form me! This man on the other hand sounds like a bad egg and best avoided! I hope you all get your parts etc and if not I hope you get the funds to maybe buy elsewhere :) ATB

  • looking at the advertisement for these grinders, one cannot help noticing that they would probably be illegal to sell these in the EC, as they are not fitted with any safety guards, (even though we all know , we remove them if fitted) therefore would probably not get a CE certificate, also the high price would put most people off buying, Hopefully
    Also i do remember a member of another forum, or could have been this one, was pushing these grinders from Italy, he even said he was going to represent the firm at the Knife Shows, so best beware.

  • This on going thread shows little sign of finding resolution, rather the whole business appear to be worsening.
    I don't think it would harm to make this a "sticky" so the warning remains for casual browsers regardless of post activity.


  • Hello everyone,

    Same for me. I'm french. Sorry for my english.

    So here is what will happen to you if you order a backstand LD GRINDER.

    This person is alone or almost alone to work. I think he spend three quarters of his work time to respond to customer for the
    sale, doing shows all over the world, and to respond on facebook or by mail to client who complain.

    I ordered my backstand early October 2015 for delivery scheduled for November 2015.

    But the worst thing is not the fact that I wait for 8 months now, he make you believe that your backstand will arrive next week every weeks for 7 month.

    A promise by week to say you that the machine is ready and will be sent shortly.

    And each week a new false reason for further delay. Diseases / leave / lounges / problem parts / delivery personnel ... and so on.

    If you buy from him, be prepared to live a daily stress of hell.

    And do not pay like me all under cover 3% discount. FYI 2716 euros with all accessories. And don't pay by bank transfer. No possibilites to get back the money.

    200 emails and 400 "conversations" facebook for nothing. I have also lost hundred of hours.

    I could also talk about the fact that he promised refund several times if on a date "T" if the machine has not been received.
    example ""se non spedisco entro la settimana prossima procedo con il rimborso totale""
    And the fact that I am still not refunded after multiple refund requests.

    So pay attention, professional liar.

    Have a good day.


  • I've been waiting for a year to receive my grinder after many unkept promises of delivery dates and Pickups. I am a really easy-going nice guy and have been extremely patient. As of this Friday my wife will be taking matters into her hands and that means things will not be good for linno. When I would come clean and be honest and give realistic delivery times he would be fine. It seems like this grinder could be worth waiting a year. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to find out and give him the benefit of the doubt. However I will not recommend him unless he comes clean.

  • Yesterday I spoke with a smith who (after 9+ months of waiting) recieved his grinder from this joker.

    Well guess what...the enclosure for the VFD wasn't dust proof. Machine crapped out after around 30 hours of use.

    He's guy promises to replace the parts. But with his normal speed we're expecting the parts to arrive sometime in 2020.

    Be aware.